Charity Barn Dance for Air Ambulance

A Fantastic night was had by all that attended the Just Jules Fitness Move 2 Lose Barn Dance in Colchester on Friday night. The Metric Foot Band put the cowboys and cowgirls through their paces with left/right and all over the place moves! There was a...
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Cards delivered to M&S for the Woodland Trust

Presentation made to the manager of M&S Colchester with Julie Palmer as she hands over the grand total of 64 stone and 6lb. I estimated that 38 cards weighed in at a lb 38 x 14lb in a stone = 532 cards 64 stone x 532 = 34 thousand 48 oh and done forget...
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Blue & Hats

What fun we are having at Move 2 Lose this week wearing blue and hats. The bring & buy sale has been going well over the past few weeks with the final day being Friday 25th at Shrub End Social centre from 9.30am. Thank you in advance for your support...
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