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 No…… It’s not my birthday.
Cast your memory back to our MND charity collection for Terry Hoggarth who’s son Steve had been diagnosed last year Motor Neurone Disease.
On page 3 of this weeks Standard you can read Steve’s story.
Steve’s words:
On February 4th I will be 47. I don’t know how many more birthdays I will have. His brother had asked that as many people as possible send him a birthday card (with a donation for MND)
I thought….. and you are under NO obligation to take part that we at Move 2 Lose send as many cards as we can and instead of paying for a stamp I will deliver them to Steve myself. The cost of a first class stamp is 64p.
A card with a few words from you and that you are a Move 2 Lose member with 50p a £1 or an amount of your choice sellotaped inside would be a great help.
I will start collecting the cards on Monday 23rd.
We all have cards in a box at home….don’t we!
PLEASE do not feel you have to do this as we have already made a donation but a card would be lovely.
Terry and his late wife Pat would be very grateful.

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