My Story

Back in 2003 weighing over 12and a half stone and at only 5′ 3″ my weight was out of control.

With an under-active thyroid and eating what I wanted I struggled to lose weight and was miserable as a result.  I eventually went to my doctor who advised me to start taking exercise as well as trying to watch my weight.  I knew I had to make some changes, eat healthy and exercise. After a while this has become a way of life and I feel healthier, happier and fitter as a result.

With time and effort I lost over two stone – which I have kept off until this day!

In December 2017 I married my partner and changed my name from Palmer to Wright, also in 2017 I became a nanny and at 55 years old I say to you don’t wait for the right time to start an exercise healthy eating plan, start now.


I was one of the 121 fully qualified franchisees with Rosemary Conley Food and Fitness that announced it was going into administration at the beginning of February 2014, after this I decided to carry on the business under my own name Just Jules Fitness Move 2 Lose and I am totally committed in helping you to lose weight, feel better about yourself and have fun exercising all in the same class. In December 2018 I qualified in Fitness Pilates.

What I can offer

I am a qualified aerobics instructor and nutritionist and have been teaching classes in Colchester for the past 13 years, I have helped many ladies and men to lose weight and become fitter and healthier. Now I would like the chance to help you.

Just Jules Fitness Move 2 Lose will offer a combination of exercise with optional weight loss management support, my classes are suitable for everyone. I offer flexibility in membership, no fee to join and only paying for classes attended. With a variety of moves from classic Aerobics, Salsa, Fitness Pilates, Kickboxing /aerobic style and much more.

Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace; the exercise class is suitable for all levels. With Nutritional advice and movement all in one class I am offering you:

Exercise + Nutritional Advice-+ Support = Results!

Julie Palmer Before and After

Just crazy but wonderful

Useful, the information she passes on each week

Sparkling, that is her personality

Trustworthy, Julie is so this


Juggles her time for everyone no matter who

Ultimately a wonderful caring person

Likes are for her Face Book Page

Ensures that everyone is well during the exercise

Special, is who Julie is


Gill, Just Jules Fitness Member

What we have to offer

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Nutritional Advice

Nutritional Advice

Weigh In Only

Suitable for all

Suitable for all

Exercise only

Exercise Only

Freedom and Flexibility

Freedom & Flexibility

Simple & Flexible Pricing


Pay as you go

£6.50/ Per Class

Our basic class price so you can come and go as you please.

£3 per On-Line Zoom class

Contact Julie for payment and Zoom Code


Zoom On-Line Class Deal


£20 per Calendar Month
Contact Julie for more information.

Lose weight, get fitter, feel healthier
Make new friends and have some fun
Come along and
Move 2 Lose!