January Blues

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January Blues……
It’s all over, decorations have come down, cards taken to M&S and at last the festive season is behind us as we go back to normal now. Or is it? For a lot of people January is a dreary long month. Waiting for the next lifesaving pay day is bad enough, but then there are the long nights, the cold days,and this week SNOW!
Symptoms can range from simple grumpiness to depressing thoughts. Mood swings, feeling low, lethargy, insomnia, stress, bloatedness, sluggishness… add to those a cold or flu that will not go away and there you have it: the January blues in full swing.
But the truth is that the main reason why you may not be feeling great has been your own doing. And before you try your first excuse on me, here’s what’s really happened:
You spent too much on Christmas presents, you’ve been eating too much and drinking too much….December was a hard month..
Food doesn’t just go from your mouth to your stomach you know, It goes to every single cell in your body; it goes from the soles of your feet to the tip of your nose, from the back of your elbows to the neurones in your brain.
Food turns into feelings
Not just into fat, muscle, blood, bone or everything else.
There is a book out there called “You are what you eat”. SO ARE YOU ??
We have set you a January Goal, this means if you have weighed in this year we have set a goal for the end of the month, it may be just a few pounds but this will give you a good start to the new year.
So rather than slimmer of the week lets look at how you did over the month….
NOT weighed in yet….why?
Cold dark night’s what to do?
Dresses made from pillowcases, who thought of that. Just take a look at these beautiful dresses made from you old pillowcases, this has kept Barbara busy during the dark cold night’s.
Make use of your spare time or you will find yourself in the fridge, biscuit barrel and anywhere you can find something to eat!
Shoes/Bra’s?Stamps/Ink Cartridges
2 HUGE bags of shoes went off to charity this week, please keep bringing items into class thank you.
Sat morning’s class members….give me a word.
What did you say about Saturdays HARD class, all I asked for was a word, a few that I got back…..interesting:   Exhilarating, Achievement, Stimulating, ENERGETIC
Tuesday 17th Morning class
On this day I need to start on time and finish sharp at 11.30 (challenge for me) as  the hall is being used for a wake.
See you all there to start at 10.45 sharp!   thank you.
Monday Night – Late class at Alderman Blaxill School
This class starts at 7.00 for weigh in and the 7.30 for exercise until 8.15 ish..
I’m not sure if you are all aware of this class as the class numbers have been low for a long time. With the many inquiries about late classes or saying classes are too early to get too from work I will pushing this class profile forward for 2017.
Have you looked at my new web page….do you know where and when the classes are?
Julie x

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