MND poem for Terry

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The room at the back does not belong to me

It’s for my charity bits Terry believe me


We have Bra’s, coats and handbags galore

And yes sometimes shoes all over the floor


When the members bring things into class

We get it all necklaces, books and vases made of glass


It keeps coming in….. will there be an end to it all

Can we bring more in I hear you all call


Clothes on a rail, books in a box

Plates, cups but please no sox


Where does all the money go, who will take it all away

Livers, kidneys histiosytosis and Dr barnardos that’s what we say


But then we added MND, a charity close to Terry’s heart

As as with all, with a penny we did start


I emptied that pot a fair few times

And yes Terry Pat has been on my mind


So now I will stop and just tell you the news

As I thank you all from Move 2 Lose


This cheque I have in my hand with love we give

Let’s hope it can help to improve a life to live


Every penny helps but sometimes things we can not fix

Terry please accept       £487.66



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