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Story Time
Thank you to all those that entered this week, my shouders hurt from all the laughing, keep them coming.
I had the most amazing afternoon on Friday, eye opening and emotional (yes I cried). I filled my Move 2 Lose car with all the bedding, towels, sheets , toiletries, pillows, sleeping bags and yes more towels that you my class members donated. I visited Russell at the night shelter, Zena at the WMCA and Judy at Beacon house who were so grateful for all that was given. I spent a little time with each person and had the chance to speak to them about what they did and what they needed. A young lady approached me at Beacon House and asked me for size 5 shoes and small size 8 clothing, with this I had started to well up and then I met Judy who showed me the laundry room that was full of washing machines that were constantly on, she explained that in her 70’s her and her husband had been volunteers at the house for a long time…. he was in the kitchen and yes (I cried)
 There needs are men’s boxer shorts and shoes. I can help with the shoes but not the boxers….. I laughed.
I then went to the Night Shelter where I had met Russell on a previous visit, he was pleased to see me again and very pleased with the pillows, quilts, bedding, towels and especially the toiletries, asked what needed the reply was cereals, biscuits and spray deodorants.
I then went to the WMCA to drop off another bulk batch of sheets and towels and met Zena who explained that they have youngsters in individual rooms that need cutlery, mugs, saucepans, plates etc.
And yes many will say,  they need to get a job, many will say they need to get off the streets, easier said than done was the message I was given.
 This time I did not ask for you to open your purses but your heart and this you did in a huge way…… I will continue to collect for charity as I have done for many years, so DONT throw it out speak to Julie first.
thank you.
Why did I decide to do this:
My family have been through a difficult time over the past year moving my Aunt’y into a care home, and I know many of you have or are currently doing the same thing. When you have items that NO one wants and the only option is to go to land fill it is not only sad but upsetting. That got me thinking that there must be some way of getting rid of certain items that can make someone else happy.
THANK YOU for what you have done to make a few people smile for whatever reason they need these items.
Love you all
Julie xxxx
Weight Loss
this week = Certificates
It has been a while since I have published weight losses, this has been a great week, keep up the good work.
Pat Highwoods Monday = 1 and half stone
Debbie Monday night AB = 2 and a half stone
Jill Tuesday morning Shrub End = 1 stone
Laurel Tuesday morning Shrub End  = half stone
Well done ladies.x
Move 2 Lose T Shirts
This week there has been Move 2 Lose T shirts/sweatshirts spotted in Harry Potter World, Sri Lanka and walking the dog in the woods ….
Class will be at Shrub End Hall again this week. 6.30 weigh-in 7.15 exercise.
Back in the garden, but April has been put back in her home!
Julie xx

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