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Tonight saw 17 ladies complete their 4 week Body Conditioning course, thank you for your commitment, dedication, trying different moves and your home work when you remembered. Without spoiling it for others give me one word as to how you got on, this is a message for all that attended all 3 courses. Thank you.


  1. Sue Bunting

    (Julie always is!)

    1. Julie Palmer

      Thank you Sue.

  2. Deborah Hemmings

    Educational for sure ,enjoyed the music, loved the feeling i felt when stretching…

  3. Annie

    What a fabulous Class and just perfect for me awaiting a knee replacement which I had explained to Julie beforehand to which she replied “Just do what you are comfortable doing” and true to her word and the lovely class members I never felt I was a failure when I couldn’t achieve the amazing results the others achieved. As usual there was plenty of content and a lot of thought. I haven’t taken a single pain killer since I started class and now I just need to continue with the new class. Great class for all ages and health conditions and as usual a great Fitness Instructor has great followers. Thank you Julie for never giving up on past members.

  4. Julie Palmer

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for the body conditioning classes, I have enjoyed them so much. I was not expecting to lose so much weight over a four week period. I have noticed that my shape has changed, I am now discovering my waist again, which I have not seen in a while!

    I would love to attend the body conditioning classes in September.

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