Sunday newsletter 27th November

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Tuesday Morning 29th November
The hall is needed for a wake on this day therefore I have been asked to change the class time for this morning only.
Weigh in will be from 9.30am
Exercise at 10.00
Class ends at 10.45
Thank you for your support with this. I am so pleased to see that the class numbers have picked up on a Tuesday morning therefore we will continue with our floor section at the end of the class.
Need a floor mat….ask Father Christmas.

Breakfast Ideas
Yes you can eat porridge but you can also have many other things for breakfast. It’s more about TIME if you only have time for nothing then nothing is what you will eat. Make time for breakfast, get up earlier, think about what you are going to have instead of being a robot!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (so they say) well every meal is important to me I don’t want to miss any of them !!!!
Porridge,Croissants, Sausages, Toast, Eggs, Bagels, Crumpets, Bacon, Cereal, Yogurts, Omelette, Cheese (when in Holland) Bran, Muesli.
Don’t just make breakfast the most important meal of the day,
 just MAKE breakfast!

Post it Notes
I asked in class this week that you write a “post it note” to tell Julie something and over the next few days via FB and emails I will be sharing what some of you said!
I had some lovely comments about myself and Move 2 Lose classes and those will be kept for me, thank you, but I just love what some of you wrote!
  1. love the classes but an inch off my waist makes my belly look bigger.
  2. Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there, thank you all for being my friends.
  3. I will get there one day!!
  4. Love the dance moves, any suggestions as to how get the brain to work too!
  5. Today’s class reminded me why my mum wouldn’t send me for ballet lessons.
December 2016 where and when are the classes?
As suggested by Tina (morning classes) a DECEMBER calendar for you.
1st Thursday        Highwood’s, weigh in 6pm exericeise 6.30
2nd Friday            Shrub End, weigh in 10am exercise at 10.45
3rd Saturday        Shrub End weigh in from 9am exercise at 9.30
5th Monday 3 classes normal – Highwoods weigh in 10am exercise at 10.30
                  Alderman Blaxill School weigh in 5.45 exercise at 6pm and then,weigh in  7pm exercise at 7.30
6th Tuesday         Stanway School weigh in 6.30 exercise at 7.15
7th Wednesday        2 classes as normal Shrub End weigh in 10am exercise at  10.45 and then Alderman Blaxill                                                                                                 School
                                             weigh in 5.45 exercise at 6pm.
THURSDAY 8th until FRIDAY 23rd Julie off
TUESDAY 27th Bank Holiday
28th Wednesday              Shrub End weigh in 10am exercise at 10.45   also bring along your mince pie, crisps etc                                                              ready for our     Christmas after class party.
29th Thursday        2 classes both held at Shrub End Social Hall, weigh in 10am exercise at                                                                                                10.45 and then back in the evening,
                                                             weigh in 6.15 exercise 6.30
30th Friday              Shrub End weigh in 10am exercise at 10.45
31st Saturday       NEW YEARS EVE class as normal but with a twist, a punch, 9.30 until ???? with loads of                                                                        fun… this space !!!
Monday Bank Holiday
3rd January   Tuesday BOTH classes held at Shrub End, weigh in 10am exercise  at 10.45 and then again in the                                                                                  evening, weigh in 6.30 exersie at 7.15.
Any questions ask Tina, I’m confused!! x
Don’t worry you can print this email for the future but I will be emailing you on a daily basis to remind you all.
Please remember there will NO LONGER be a class held on a Wednesday night at Alderman Blaxill School in 2017.


  1. Julie Palmer

    Print off class times for Move 2 Lose, December news.

  2. Tiffany Swayne

    The lovely Lily Christmas ? ☃️??Xxxx

  3. Helen

    Mrs Christmas is Lily.

  4. Janet

    Who else but Lily would dress like this ,Lily just loves to dress up but does it fabulous.Well done Lily.x

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