Sunday Newsletter 20th November

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 Sometime’s I can be lost for words…
 I know – you find that hard to believe.
I was shocked and pleased when I received this email. Thank you Sharon for putting my name and Move 2 Lose forward for this award.
Dear Sharon,
Thank you for your nomination of Julie. Well done on having your entry accepted for this year’s Pride of Essex Awards.
The standard of achievement in 2016 has been extremely high, you are heartily congratulated for reaching the top ten.
Unfortunately on this occasion you did not gain quite enough marks to reach the highly commended top five nominees.
Our County needs people like Julie to set a good example to the rest of us.
Keep up the good work and look out for next year’s awards.
With great respect,
I am so happy to have reached the top 10 !!
IMPORTANT  >>>>  Alderman Blaxill School class this week.
Due to the hall being used for a show, Mondays 2 classes will both be held in the Gym and Wednesday’s class has been cancelled. You may still park in the same place, but you will then need to walk through the hall to the gym at the back of the school. The car park may be open off Walnut Tree Way but sorry I can not confirm that.
Scales….. what did you weigh this week?

A testing week with 2 sets of scales. It was apparent that many of you thought my scales where not weighing right on Monday and Tuesday morning and MAYBE they were a pound out. I then changed my scales to another set (after having them checked) so if you weighed in on Monday or Tuesday morning what will you weigh next week?
How ironic after putting on the board about the scales being right! SO what does that number mean to you?
What you said this week!
Thank you for the 7 day dinner ideas Julie…… When will they be delivered. Tiffany.
I don’t think my brain would work very well if I didn’t come to class and have all those lefts and rights to sort out! 
Fantastic class at Stanway School tonight ladies.
 Flippin’ hard work though! 3 hours later, still confused (and still laughing….) – thanks, Julie!!
Keep coming to as many classes as you can:
Dark wet nights, stay at home why, all you will do is EAT!
Some of you may be thinking I am breaking up for Christmas early this year and the answer is:
But you will see by the calendar that I am starting classes again directly after Boxing Day rather than the following week as normal.
With this in mind, and after talking to so many of you, I have decided that we will hold our Christmas After Class party on:
Wednesday 28th December.
On this day we will take part in the class as normal, much needed after all our Christmas naughties, and then have a get together with tea, coffee and probably left over mince pies and nibbles……. ALL WELCOME………
We will also forego the “secret santa” this year.
Recycling Christmas cards after last year’s amazing
 64 stone and a trailer full!
I feel I would like to “go out on a high” and say to you all that in January 2017 please take your own cards directly to the M&S card bank in the High Street store, thank you
Julie x

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