Marks Tey Hall

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A HUGE thank you for your support this week with the class change. Many of you managed to find Marks Tey hall. I enjoyed the class being both earlier, with stretching at the end and would like your opinion on this too.
Nest week:
Monday as normal
Tuesday morning’s class will be held at Highwood’s, please arrive after 9am, class will be from 9.30 – 10.30am.
Wed at Marks Tey arrive after 9.30 class 10 – 11am
Thursday as normal
For those of you that attended class last Friday our “noisy Carrie” asked that you made some noise as a group and that she would donate £5 for each group cheer. Carrie has donated £50 to charity.
A message from Suzanne- Sharons daughter.
Dear Julie. I just wanted to let you know that I have just been adding up the donations people from your Move to Loose classes had been putting in mums charity tin. I’m pleased to say she raised £93.42 in total! £15 of that is for the CCLG for the sale of their merchandise whilst the rest will go into Isobel’s Memorial Fund. I would like to say a huge thank you to you for supporting mum last week. She showed me the poem you wrote, it was lovely, thank you. Could you please let all the ladies and gents who attend your classes know how much they have raised and just how grateful Mike and I are for them all supporting mum and to thank them so much for being so generous in their donations. We very much appreciate it. Thanks Julie. Best wishes, Suzanne
Husband story
Some of you may have heard that I have been having trouble with the key in my car. Tony bought me a can of Release Oil apparently it” Helps to release seized up parts”.
Going to try it on my knees and elbows anyone want to borrow it lol.
I will say it also came with flowers and chocolate and it’s not even my birthday. Now I know I have have married the Wright man!
Summer/Winter Dieting
And as for loosing weight, I am rubbish in the summer. Yes I eat salad, yes I drink water (not as much as I should Helen) but I also sit in the garden with that odd drink, go to BBQ’s or meals out, pick on fruit and snacks. BUT in the winter I love my slow cooker food and what I call “mums dinners”. Sausage & mash, liver and bacon, shepherds pie, jacket potatoes, stews packed with vegetables and then I find (hope) I do not pick as much as I do in the summer. Well I now have Marsden to be the judge of my winter weight loss.
Opps have you heard weight watchers are now called WW.
You can be WW too ” Wonder Woman”


  1. Caroline Blackham

    Hi Julie have been away the last 3 Tuesdays and wondered is Tuesday evenings class still on at stanway as usual?

  2. Julie Wright (Palmer)

    Hello Caroline, Yes Tuesday nights are as normal at Stanway School.

  3. Gillian Bratt

    Hi Julie, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Friday’s class at Marks Tey, it was nice having the stretches at the end. In fact I did not have the Saturday morning stiffness which I normally get. The time is also perfect, able to go shopping after class, and then home in time of a nice lunch. Again thank you so much was arranging class for us during the closure of Shrub End Hall.

  4. Daniel Wright

    Do you still do Pilate’s on Wednesday’s at marks tey parish hall?

    1. Julie Wright (Palmer)

      Hi Daniel, I am currently running Fitness Pilates classes at Shrub End hall on a Wednesday 11.15 – 12.15 the cost of each class attended is £7. I also run 45mins classes on a Monday at 7.30 -8.15 cost £6.

      I hope this suits yourself, best wishes.


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