No one likes Change

No one likes Change

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Hello everyone, no one likes change but sometimes you simply have to go with the flow, please read the section about class moving due to hall closure.
Change it has this week, the weather is now very autumnal with the nights pulling in and the weather very changeable, a few notes for you:
To prepare for their hibernation, hedgehogs eat as much as they can during autumn munching on beetles, caterpillars and earthworms to build up good fat reserves,
to survive winter they need to weigh 500-700 grams. They will then seek out a quiet spot to rest for the coming months, usually in piles of dead leaves, stacks of logs, compost heaps or under garden sheds. The exact time they retire to this spot will depend on how mild the weather is; hibernation can take place any time from October. Please remember you are NOT a hedgehog and do not need to build up fat levels for winter!
NO one likes change- Hall Closed – we are on the move for 3 weeks:
TUESDAY 9th This class will be held at Highwoods Community Centre CO4 9SR Please note time change: Arrive after 9am Exercise at 9:30 – 10:30am
45 minutes aerobics – 15 minutes stretching
WEDNESDAY 3rd, 10th & 17th These CLASSES will be held at Marks Tey Hall, CO6 1EJ Please note time change: Arrive after 9:30am
Exercise at 10 – 11am 45 minutes aerobics – 15 minutes stretching
FRIDAY 5th & 19th These CLASSES will be held at Marks Tey Hall, CO6 1EJ Please note time change. Arrive after 9:30am Exercise at 10 – 11am
45 minutes aerobics – 15 minutes stretching.
Please note that Marks Tey Hall entrance is opposite the Blue Goose furniture store before you go over the bridge and NOT opp the Marks Tey Hotel.
SATURDAY 6th & 20th These CLASSES will be held at the GYM at Stanway School CO3 0QA With Saturday classes there is no time change
Goodbye Shrub End = Friday’s class
On Friday I asked you to wear Purple without Sharon Knowing and I read out one of my poems explaining why Sharon had attended all my classes in that week, thank you to everyone that talked to and supported Sharon.
Bed Throw
It was agreed that Win would draw the winning ticket at our last Friday class, as Win attends other dance groups tickets were also sold at her other groups. The bed throw will now make it’s way to it’s new owner but I’m afraid that was not one of us. BUT a huge £234 was raised, thank you to everyone that supported this.
We will have a little break from our charity with the move to other halls but do not worry Julie has more ideas, and is hoping that her cupboard at Shrub end on return will at least be big enough to store a few items.
Have you met MARSDEN yet?
Get ready to meet our new Member MARSDEN, some of you will not like Marsden as it is our new set of weighing scales, no more of this “the scales are wrong” as Marsden will not be happy. Please come and say hello to Marsden.
I thought I would compare my weight from January and I weigh exactly the same, Marsden said “must try harder Julie”.
To the point
It has been a nightmare for me these past few weeks, sorting out new venues, time changes and making sure you all know what you are doing. If you do not read my emails or look at the notice board in class and you turn up to the wrong hall at the wrong time it will be your fault not mine. Sorry. x

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