Summer over, Autumn

Summer over, Autumn

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Hello everyone and how the weeks fly past, well actually the months and the years!
That’s it, summer is over as we go into Autumn, a season that brings lovely colours to our gardens and trees with oranges, reds, browns and changing greens. Autumn brings it’s own selection of fruits and vegetables. Pears, apples, squashes, pumpkins to name a few.
When is the Autumn Equinox this year? Today…..
This year autumn officially takes over the reign from summer in the early morning hours of September 23, just before 3am UK time.
The equinox, sometimes referred to as the Vernal Equinox, will officially mark the start of the astronomical autumn.
It has been very windy the past few days and I have been in Centre Parcs amongst the trees, animals, wind, more trees and more animals and RAIN. A great time was had, I may be a little tired on Monday morning so go easy on me.
I blame Deborah Hemmings for the wind as she was wearing her “Dorothy” trainers on Tuesday night at Stanway School.
This coming week’s class timetable
All classes are as normal.
Moving forward with the closure of Shrub End Hall
A full list of venues and times will be posted on next weeks newsletter with the new venue being Marks Tey Hall, don’t forget to collect your own copy in class so no one can say ” I didn’t know where to go”….
Radio or TV
Do you watch and listen to the same programmes and stations all the time. As with everything it can sometimes be good to have a change, Tony borrowed my car the other day and yes as men do fiddled with all the buttons. I got in to air con on full, seat too far back for my little legs, rear view mirror too high and the radio on DREAM 100, ughhh I thought why does he do that but after 10 mins I thought this is quite good local news and information….thank you darling! set your radio to 100.2fm
Click this link to find out what is going on over the next few weeks.
COHOC 2019 Club
I have announced in class that I am not holding this charity money at home but slowing giving it to Julie Arthur who is then counting it up, taking it to work (COHOC) and keeping a running total, it’a all very exciting as I have no idea how much we have raised so far. All I know is Julie gives me the biggest smile with each envelope I give her. It’s going to be so exciting in March, and I still have more ideas for the New Year.
Buy your own floor mat.
It may be that you use my floor mats in class, could you please look into buying your own as I will need to remove mine from the hall next week, thank you.

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