Julie not well, class closed Sat 28th

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Good afternoon everyone.
For those that have been to class this week you will know that I have been struggling with a lost voice and thought last night I was on the mend, but today I feel dreadful and for once I have listened to many of you, family and husband and will be cancelling class tomorrow morning: Saturday 28th.

All classes will be as normal Monday and Tuesday and then I have a week off to hopefully fully recover, more details on Sundays newsletter.

I am so sorry I really do not like cancelling classes and think this is only the 2nd time in 13 years.

Julie x


  1. Manuela

    Hope you get better son.

  2. Debbie Hemmings

    Hard for you to come to this decision but definitely the right thing to do.

  3. Sue

    Sorry to hear your not well. Hope your better soon. Kerp meaning to come & see you but keep forgetting lol. Thinking of coming bk & giving it a try soin, getting more mobile but swelling not gone yet! Xx

  4. Mrs P.

    Good to hear you are being sensible ..take care of yourself and REST up over the weekend xx

  5. Debbie

    Sorry to hear it poorly but u do push urself very hard. Hope u get better real soon and I’d like to think il b coming back soon just need to get strength back bit more. Take it easy girl lol xx

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