Sunday news

Sunday news

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Classes CLOSED Wednesday 2nd May – 9th May First class back Thursday 10th

Something for you to think about while classes are closed, going for a walk but with a meaning and sightseeing, click the link for a full list of walk details.

Essex Radio and Angie, I was asked to go live on Essex Radio Wednesday morning to talk about fit bits/ sleep and exercise and after “sqeeking” on the phone and realising I would be NO good on the radio I asked Angie to step in, and a fantastic job she did, she even managed to get just jules fitness into the conversation, go Angie. x
Lost Voice

This week has been one of the toughest for me to teach my classes.
A headache a cold a late night even jet lag has been easier than loosing my voice and “sqeeking” through the moves.
Many of you thought I would just get out my whistle and get you running around the room, but NO that was not the case.
I have had some good feedback with myself making you count to four and learning the order of the moves yourself.
I was diagnosed with Vocal Nodules a few years ago and it is not uncommon for my voice to sound croaky but this week it has been awful, I am hoping that it is just a cold and a week off will help.
Challenge O G E L

What ever does this mean? Starting on Monday 14th May I will be inviting you to this summers weight loss challenge. In the past we have had Bikini’s and Flip Flops for you to colour in, last year we had Butterfly’s but his year we have O G E L.
You have a couple of weeks to try and work it out…….DONT ask me I wont tell you until w/c Monday 14th May.
Important Meeting

I was invited to an important meeting last week by a charity in Colchester and I have been asked to join their challenge to raise money for a very important reason. They are very aware of all the charity work that is done by myself and of course YOU, YOU ,YOU.
I was honoured to be invited along and accepted the challenge and will of course be giving you all more details in the future and asking for your help.
Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

I have been asked by a local play school for plastic milk carton tops.
Please wash them and give them to myself, thank you in advance.


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