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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ We did it, we reached Z =

26 Weekly Sunday Newsletters since Sunday 22nd March.

On the 20th of March I announced classes would be closing on the 20th of September I am announcing classes will be re opening.

With the alarming news that we are heading for a second wave of Covid 19 I am not sure if I am opening my business at the right time. What I do know is if I don’t try now I am not sure how I will feel if I leave it any longer.
Firstly I want to thank Corinne, Louise and Dave for all their help and support in getting ready for next week.
Shrub End Hall will not be opening until Friday 2nd October. The first class on this Friday will be a FITNESS PILATES class with Saturday 3rd being aerobics, you will be able to book these today after 5pm.
Highwoods classes will start NEXT week, but with changes:
There will no longer be a class on a Monday morning, this class will be held on a Tuesday morning at Highwood’s – therefore NO class on a Tuesday morning at Shrub End.
Stanway School is now not available to hire therefore NO class on a Tuesday night BUT there will be a class on Wednesday night for FITNESS PILATES at Highwoods.
Although this newsletter is the last letter of the alphabet it is also the last in our time of no classes………… YES some classes will open again next week.
Hurray you say, oh dear you say, what will happen you say.
This newsletter should be about Zebadee, Zip’s, Zests of Lemons and Oranges and anything else I could think of with the letter Z but instead this newsletter will outline the procedure for returning to class.
I am thrilled to be able to tell you that our final charity was The ZOO. Liz again has been making cushions, peg bags and aprons. Then there was the face masks and donations that have been given to me. The grand total to be taken to the ZOO will be announced next week.


For the first few weeks can I ask that you only book 1 class each per week to make it fair for everyone. In the event of spaces becoming available on the day a message will be send out for you to be able to book another class at late notice.
Shrub End Hall will re open on Friday 2nd October, Highwoods will re open on Tuesday 22nd September – please note there will no longer be a Monday morning class:

Classes for the next 2 weeks – you can book on line for these classes after 5 today

Tuesday 22nd – Highwoods 10.00 – 11am Aerobics
Wednesday 23rd – Highwoods 6.30 -7.30pm Fitness Pilates
Thursday 24th – Highwood’s 6.30 – 7.30pm Aerobics
Tuesday 29th – Highwood’s 10.00 -11am Aerobics
Wednesday 30th Highwood’s 6.30 -7.30pm Fitness Pilates
Thursday 1st Highwood’s 6.30 -7.30pm Aerobics
Friday 2nd Shrub End 10.00 -11am Fitness Pilates
Saturday 3rd Shrub End 9.00 – 10am Aerobics

How do I attend a class

The first thing you will do is log onto Move 2 Lose web page find the
section to “BOOK” a class, check the time and details of that class as there will be both aerobic and fitness pilates classes to choose from. Add your details and make your payment of £8 per class including weighing in. I have made this very simple all you need is a debit/credit card. (only 1 class each to begin with please)
Don’t worry if you struggle with this RING me and I will help you if I can.
What happens if you are not on the internet? If you are reading this you are on the internet. I do have members that are not and I have been hand/posting weekly newsletters on a weekly basis. These members will still be able to book a class through myself.
I wish you could all do the classes that you want. I am unable to teach back to back classes due to cleaning of venues and there are only 7 days in the week and 1 Julie!
Class numbers: Due to social distancing:
Highwood’s = 15 for Aerobics and 20 for Fitness Pilates
Shrub End = 21 for Aerobics and 25 for Fitness Pilates
Arriving at class
The doors will open a few minutes before class to avoid group gatherings inside, you may choose to stay in your car. Face masks must not be worn during exercise but of course you are welcome to wear a mask on entry and exit of the hall, that is your choice.
I will be wearing a face shield during class.
Both halls have hand sanitising machines in the entrance lobby’s, please use them.
You ONLY need to bring a small bag with, your water bottle, keys and sweat towel. Any coats or fleeces will need to put on YOUR chair with your bag. Please leave your shopping in the car.
You will not need to sign in as the booking on system will deal with the track and trace rule, this may change in the future – but then so may many other things!
Both halls have asked that we use the disabled toilet.
The scales will be set up in the hall for everyone to use, you no longer need to pay more to weigh-in. I will be issuing you with your weigh in cards for you to write on yourselves if you wish but of course I am there for support with your weight loss.
The floor will be marked out in “workout boxes” aprox 2.5 – 3mtrs apart. DO NOT touch the markers or move them please.
I plan to put chairs around the room for you to be able to place your personal belongings on which is where you will go to have a drink. (kitchens will be closed at Shrub End)
(everything I use and we touch has to be cleaned)
During class
Stay in your box!
NO singing, NO shouting, NO cheering, NO counting. NO shop, NO use of the kitchen.
NO exercise mats for Pilates – please buy your own.
I think we need some Yes’s
YES it will be lovely to get back to class, YES it will be lovely to see you all again, YES I will try and make it fun, YES we must social distance, YES we must protect others as well as ourselves.
Leaving Class
After you have gathered your personal belongings please adhere to social distancing and WAIT, you may be asked to leave the hall by a different door or in small groups. Do not group up or block entrances and exit’s. I will then pack away my equipment and clean items as required.
Weeks/Months ahead
As you can see by the class timetable all my classes are now at Highwood’s and Shrub End Hall, I’m afraid returning to Stanway School is not permitted.
Both halls have gone out of their way to help me get my business up and running.
Wednesday night at Highwoods is only available until the end of 2020 at the moment and I have decided to run this as a Fitness Pilates class. At anytime in the future classes may change with days, times and venues and cost.
At 3pm today after you have had time to read this newsletter I will be holding a ZOOM meeting for those that wish to pop on for a “question/answer session”
Topic: Move 2 Lose
Time: Sep 20, 2020 03:00 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 756 8266 3609
Passcode: xiy6VA
At 5pm the class booking on-line scheme will go live.
None of us know how the next few weeks will be, we are a town with a University, schools have re opened and the infection rate is going up and I fear that we may have trouble times ahead. For now I want to say thank you for all your lovely messages, cards, flowers, presents, zoom meeting and the whats app group.
Move 2 Lose – YES we can
Worried RING ME – 01206 548049 – 07990975855

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