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Hello everyone: We are in week 1

From A – Z to 1 – 14
why 14………..14 weeks to Christmas “Oh NO” you all say, well unfortunately yes.
A HUGE thank you to all the class members that have returned to class and well done for reading and listening to instructions given with social distancing. To say I have been nervous is an understatement. I asked the Thursday night class for feed back and it seems everyone was happy with their first class.
Opening classes on the day Boris made an announcement (did he?) was very scary but it seems that for now Move 2 Lose will be able to continue trading.
Class numbers have been low but fully I understand some of you may be concerned about returning at the moment. Shrub End opens this week with a NEW class.
Last Sunday’s Zoom meeting brought up a few questions ref booking for other people and refunds, both of which are covered in this newsletter.

NEW class at Shrub End Hall Tuesday evening 6 – 7pm

I have been lucky to have been given a Tuesday night at Shrub End until the end of 2020. As with Highwoods on a Wednesday these classes may not be permanent or continue if class numbers are not high enough to cover my business costs.

Booking on system

Yes there have been teething problems, some booked the same class twice, some booked and then un booked. S0me paid, some think they had but hadn’t. Hopefully this has now all been put right.
When your booking is successful you will see a “trophy” appear with the words congratulations and a purple box with the words finish. You should then receive an email as confirmation. The email confirmation system was not working on Sunday so if you would like to check with me that you are booked please contact me or check your bank statement. 07990975855 01206 548049
When can I book my next class
I will set the class timetable to go live TODAY at aprox 5pm, moving on the classes will then go live on a rolling system so you will not have to wait until every Sunday.
Shrub End Hall classes as follows:
Monday 5th evening Aerobics with 21 spaces available from 6 – 7pm
Tuesday 6th evening Aerobic with 21 spaces available from 6-7pm
Wednesday 7th morning Aerobics with 21 spaces available from 10 – 11am
Friday morning 9th Fitness Pilates with 24 spaces available from 10 – 11am
Saturday 10th Aerobics with 21 spaces 9 – 10am
With the news changing daily the booking system will stay at a 2 week timetable.

Booking for a friend/family member

I am happy for you to book a place for a friend, family member, husband/wife etc.
BUT please book separately as the idea of the booking system is so I have a track & trace register for each person that attends a certain class.(Govt guide lines)

Can I sell my space to a friend

You may not be able to attend a class for any reason and your friend could not book a place at the same class, can you sell it to her?. Yes you can but I will need to know who is turning up for the track and trace register – they can NOT just turn up.
Can you book more than 1 class a week for yourself
I set the one class per person rule for the first two weeks to see what the demand for classes would be like and most importantly to make it fair for everyone.
From now on you may book and pay for as many classes a week that you would and can attend (please read refund section)
Can Julie Book for you
Yes she can and yes she will if there are spaces available. In this case you would bring your class fee by cash or cheque in an envelope and place in the tin provided in class. Pick up the phone and call me – you may be able to get into a class just hours before it starts.
Julie’s Mobile number: Store it in your phone Move 2 Lose 07990975855


Within hours of the first bookings being made (panic) I was inundated with messages that classes had been booked twice, for the wrong class, on the wrong day or realising that they had other arrangements etc, etc.
I have spent hours re arranging classes to suite, but moving forward please think before you book, check your diary.
I will help where I can to re arrange a class for you and l will try to re- sell you class space if I can.
If I am required to close my business due to Covid or by the Govt then of course all members would be offered a refund for classes pre paid.
Please note that I have to pay an administration fee for collecting funds therefore any monetary refunds will be a little less than the class fee of £8..
Sorry  Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Bubble NHS Covid 19 APP – Download it NOW

I have spent months at home, protecting my family and then overnight my “bubble” has grown from a max of 6 people to 8 classes a week – so PLEASE
Protect your loved ones with the official NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app for England and Wales.
It’s the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk from coronavirus (COVID-19). The quicker you know, the quicker you can alert your loved ones, and your community.
The more of us that use it, the better we can control coronavirus.
Week 1 – My 1 is for ONE day I hope we can get back to normal.
Local news
Reduced Opening hoursN
Have you put your heating on yet?
Have a good day everyone – check your diary and book your classes after 5pm today and after you have checked your diary.

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