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Hi Everyone …Week 2

2 legs, 2 arms but way more muscles than that.
For those of you that have returned to class you may a have a few muscles that have woken up.
2 Fitness Pilates Classes a week
I have now taught 2 classes at Shrub End Hall, the first being Fitness Pilates on Friday. The feed back I got from this class was lovely. Every Friday morning’s class at Shrub End will be a Fitness Pilates class along with the Wednesday Evening class at Highwoods.

Classes last week, this week, every week.

I have had some lovely messages from class members this week, thank you.
I have also had some of your concerns, thank you again.
For me to make OUR classes successful, feed back to me is very much appreciated and important.
Classes are now all up and running and for those of you that have attended here are some of your points and my reminders:
All classes are now on a “rolling” live schedule so you do not need to wait until 5pm today.
Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances but I am happy to re-sell your class if I can.
It has been brought to my attention that some of you are worried about the cones on the floor. I am not allowed to use tape or any other markings on the floor, as you can appreciate I am not the only business hiring the hall. You would by now or will have seen the lay out and we will all get used to the floor plan. I don’t plan to keep the cones in place forever but that will depend on your social distance ability.
As space is limited, so are class numbers.

Limited class numbers and Premier Club.

Limited class numbers and Premier Club. Some of you have expressed your concerns over the class price. Premier Club would never have worked for me to be able to get my business up and running and with a booking on system having to be put in place.
My business will be reviewed on a 3 monthly basis.
In the future if I could introduce a new membership scheme, reward or points system that would be viable then I would be happy to look into this.
I have only been back for a couple of weeks, some classes are full however others have low numbers…….it is early days.


I was holding back on this charity announcement as I have a few lovely items that have been hand made by Liz. For this week ONLY I will bring them along to the classes for you to look at. I have camper van bunting, aprons and a few cushions. All items have been bagged for a few days and are NEW.
I also have a few weight loss diaries for sale @ £2 each and Move 2 Lose vests at £5 each.
Please note this is the ONLY time I will have items in class for sale.

Charity – 5p piece Jars

Jenny/Janet from the Shrub End classes has worked very hard for the past few years distributing and collecting little jars full of 5 pence pieces for the RNLI. Jenny’s work for this charity will now come to an end. Please bring in any 5p pieces/jars that you have this week for me to pass onto her.
Well done Janet you have worked very hard for this charity. xx
Watts App Group
I set up a Move 2 Lose whats app group last year for emergencies and although posts get a little out of hand sometimes, I also know that for many of you it was a connection to a group of people in the outside world during lockdown.
I got a little emotional (only a little) on Friday looking around the hall and seeing faces that I have not seen for a long time. I then thought of all the times I visited some of your houses delivering our NHS stickers, mugs, peg bags, cushions and recently face masks. Then there was the Rainbow Riders.
Have you got a Move 2 Lose Rainbow sticker on your car? I have a few left for a small donation, just ask me. (see header picture)
NEW group
I have now set up a new group that is called M2L late class notice. This group is for me to let you know if there are any last minute spaces available. If you would like to be added to this group please let me know.
End on a story
Many of you will know that I have friends that live in Holland. Tony also has an Uncle that lives in Holland and we are in constant contact with him to make sure he is keeping well. Here is a line from his latest message:
“Here in Holland we are only have 3 visitors at home, and an ongoing discussion about


Oh how I laughed, maybe we all need a “mouthcap”


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