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October news & updates
Hello everyone, can I say a huge thank you to all that read this Sunday
newsletter on a weekly basis.This week the nation had “metal awareness” day and I’m sure some of you are or have families that are touched by
Next time someone says to you “Im fine” maybe they are trying to say to “help me”, take the time to have chat, listen don’t but in or tell your storystraight after. Ask questions, take notice of what is said and most
importantly…..make eye contact.
PINK = Breast Cancer week – Bra’s

The official wear it pink day is Friday 18th.
I would like to invite all class members starting on Monday 14th to wear
something pink.
There will be an official collection pot for this charity and also some fun
competitions to take part in, which I will be giving away small prizes to
the winners.
Please bring along your pennies if you wish to make a donation and takepart.
The Stanway Football collection pot will be removed for this week only,
therefore all donations from our little shop will also go towards this
Please sort out your “bra draw” although we stopped this a while ago dueto lack of space, for the time being and for this wonderful charity there
will be a box in class for your old bras, thank you.

Christmas Idea for YOU

Although we are still a couple of months away from Christmas many start to think about gifts early.
If you would like Move 2 Lose classes as a gift for yourself this can be
Speak to myself in class or contact me and we can discuss this option.
Maybe someone else could pay your PC membership by swapping the
account that your payment comes from. The other option is paying a 3 or 6 month payment in a lump sum to cover all you classes in that time
frame. It’s got to be better than 10 pairs of socks and 10 bottles of bubble bath lol.

How much was in the football?

I have now counted the contents of the football collection pot.
How much do you think was inside? Some of you have given me your
guesses in class or put them on FB. If you have not done so already Emailme your guess today for a chance to win a copy of this months magazine.
Julies email click this link.

Healthy Food Guide Magazine

My supplier has been late in delivering this months edition, arrived and
is now on sale now in class.

Whats in October’s edition:
Vitamins – what we need them for and where to find them.
High Blood Pressure – protect your heart.
Find the diet that is right for you.
Breast Cancer Awareness.
What to cook in October and much more.
This 98 page magazine is packed with tips and recipes, the cover price is£4.99 but still only £3.20 from Julie @ Move 2 Lose, pick up your copy in
class from Monday.

Classes next week:

Apart from seeing pink all week, you will also have a Body Conditioning
class at Shrub End Hall on Tuesday 15th. 10 – 11am, all welcome.

Have a good day.

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