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What a week with the weather, Autumn arrived overnight with winds, darker nights and lots of heavy rain or as Tony would say “rain of biblical proportions”.
October is the month of changing our clocks,Halloween and we won’t mention the other event for that day. Blooming Ridiculous Endless Xmen In Turmoil, what does your Brexit stand for?

Stop tober

I am so pleased with the response I have had with the challenge of STOPTOBER, one lady on Tuesday told me she was doing very well and then laughed that it was only the 1st day. Day 1 or day 31 whatever you can stop or cut down will make a difference. No you will not lose a stone, but what you will do is start to train your brain that a habit is just that!
The meaning of the word habit:
A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wear it Pink 18th Oct

October also brings the campaign – Breast Awareness (men too)
Breast cancer … it’s a scary thought and all too many women assume that it won’t happen to them. Fact is though, every ten minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. So, don’t be ignorant, when was the last time you went for a medical checkup or had a mammogram?
On Friday the 18th of October Move 2 Lose will wear it Pink.
We have not done this for a few years but this year I have decided to make Friday the 18th At Shrub End Hall our Wear it Pink day. Now in past years we had everything and everyone dressed in pink (yes Jim) but please, just a pair of socks a pink T shirt or a pink hair bow will do.
There will be a collection tin in class for the week starting Monday 11th for anyone wishing to make a donation, thank you.

Water at Shrub End

As you know I use the kitchen at shrub end as my “office” and this room has the only drinking water tap. It has been brought to my attention that some of you are walking in to fill up your bottle while I have someone with me. I’m sure you can appreciate that this time for some is both private and confidential, therefore can I ask that you wait until I am either on my own or when I have left the room, thank you.

Recycle and Jewellery @ Move 2 Lose
What can we recycle at Move 2 Lose
Ink Cartridges
Old Towels (used in a workshop at a local garage or if in good condition the Nightshelter)
Items for our shop at Shrub End
The most popular items for our little shop are books, puzzles and handbags but of course anything that you feel may be of some use to someone else please bring along to your class.
This idea has been given to me by a class member. We all have lots of jewellery that we love and wear on a daily basis but we also have lots of jewellery that we either don’t like or never wear.
If you have any items that you would like to pass on to myself I will set up a table at each class for everyone to have the opportunity to swap with a donation to charity or buy with a donation.
Our charity is still Stanway Rovers Football club, I have taken the football away as it is getting rather heavy but there is still a collection pot for this charity until the end of the year, thank you.

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