Wear it PINK

Wear it Pink

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Your Sunday news & updates
Opppps last week I made a spelling mistake with Metal week instead of
Mental lol . This week has been mental with PINK.
We started on Monday morning and as you know with each class I saw
more and more pink. We had wigs, skirts, flashing ears, socks, hair bands and so much more. Win even brought along her pink water bottle! but
then she is always cold.
A HUGE thank you to Jim for wearing pink knickers over his jogging
bottoms and to Andy for wearing a wig, well done gents as this cancer is not just for us girls.
Ladies and gents you never let me down and as I said in class the moneyraised is a bonus. For me it’s seeing you all laughing, grouping together,
making friends, sharing stories and yes that coffee over the pub after
class in the mornings. (I see everything)
Thank you so much for all your donations both in class and on the FB just giving page.I have taken the collection pot and box away which contained a massive £257.29 plus £110 on the just giving page. Total = £367.29
The winners of the flamingo and picture competitions are:
The winning
picture was the Ice Lolly chosen by Sue Anderson.
The number of Flamingo’s was 124 and the closest guess was made by
Sue Viney.
Both of these ladies will receive gifts from myself in class next week,
thank you everyone.
Remember to clear out your BRA draw and pop them into class next
Do you have a stamp collection pot in your work place? as these also all
go off to charity.
Visit Julie’s Website
Many of you have brought along jewellery, thank you. There will be a
separate area in class for the display of these items.Some pieces are very special, new or just worth a little more. These items will have prices put on them or “offers in the region of “This will take place starting Monday
21st and will run until the end of the month.
Funds raised will be split
between Stanway Rovers and Breast Cancer Awareness.
Football = How much
Last week I removed the football and asked you for your guesses of the amount inside.£219.05Well done to Sally who
guessed the closest and won a copy of this months magazine.
Classes next week = NO PINK
All classes are as normal next week with no changes.
Click on the above link if you need more information. But
please only a “little pink” lol.
Tony and I went to a party on Saturday night and one of our friends came
across to me and told me that he follows the Move 2 Lose face book page.
He then went of to say that he was so impressed with all the work that is
done by our group towards the different charities and what a wonderful
of people you all are.
I had to share this how lovely is that.
Busy day today, so I will say, have a good afternoon and see you all next

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