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Your Sunday news & updates

Hi everyone, a great last full week of classes with some “pushing the turkey in the oven” and “just what I always wanted”…….when you open the third pair of socks!
Also in class this week you had the opportunity to pop a post it note onto the board with your words about myself and Move 2 Lose, so what did you say? Here is a few, more to follow.
Body Conditioning – more please. Julie says, I agree, l love teaching this class.
Thanks for everything please don’t stop – Julie says, you have me for a few more years.
More circuits – Julie says, a lovely way for the class to get to know more people.

Last Class – First class back

The last class before Christmas will be Monday morning at Highwood’s, exercise starts at 10.30 – 11.30, all welcome.
Classes will then be CLOSED until we re-open on Saturday 28th December at Shrub End.

This will not be the last Sunday email, I will continue to keep you updated with class info.

Point Setter

How do you look after a point setter plant?
Store your plant in a cool, dry place and keep the soil slightly moist until spring. In spring, prune your poinsettia back to around 10-15cm (4-6 in) high and keep it warm. Once your plant starts to grow back you should begin to water it again.
Ha ha “spring” I’m lucky if I can keep it alive until Christmas.
Good luck with your point setter! The plant not the dog!
Next Years Charity goes to your vote!
As we come to the end of 2019 and our amazing charity year (more details to follow) we will now move into 2020.
Yes there are thousands of charities out there and choosing gets harder and harder. I like our charity’s to be local and of some significance to us at Move 2 Lose.
I have asked for nominations and now put the vote to you!
Miracle Babies – Colchester Hopsital, close to class member Kirsty.
Colchester Gymnastics club – Reg charity based in Myland, Natasha, Debbie’s daughter attends and teaches children & adults.
SNAP – Special Needs And Parents – Very close to class member Linda and her granddaughter Abbie who attends class in the school holidays. Based in Brentwood but supports local families.
Next Chapter – Women and Children’s Refuge based in Colchester.
The Castle Gate Centre in George Street
Straight Road Playschool – you can not get much nearer with this local charity. Class member Tracey has put this charity forward, she has also worked there for many years.
The Warm and Toasty Club is a non profit community music, arts & history group based in Colchester,Essex, over 60’s club.
The 2 chosen with the most votes will be our charities for next year. Please feel free to do a little research before you vote ummm Brexit springs to mind!
To make this fair there will be a clip board in class up until Friday 10th January for all class members to get the opportunity to vote, or email/text Julie.
Must go, so much to do, wrap presents, write cards.

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