Advent new & updates

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Advent news & updates

On the first day of December my true love said to me:
Is it today we put up the tree?
Christmas trees, baubles, tinsel, bells, angels…… and on and on and on.
Up in the loft you go, bring down the same decorations you have had for the past million years and yes there’s that little star that you or your children made at playschool that you just can not throw away!
You clean the room that your tree is to go in, hoover, dust and when the tree is up it looks amazing. Two weeks later the needles are falling off the cat has played with it (or your grandchildren) three weeks in you can not wait to get rid of it and by Christmas day you are board with it, what’s the message here?
You don’t have to put the tree up today!
Friday 6th December after the morning class at Shrub End a few ladies have suggested a get together at the Berechurch Arms pub along Shrub End road opp the post office, coffee or a little tipple. Everyone is welcome, from 11.15 ish.

Foreign coins and 50p pieces

With all the charity tins I have emptied this year I have come across some odd foreign coins and “different” 50p pieces.
If you have any foreign coins at home that you no longer have use for please bring them into class to be passed onto charity.
If anyone would like to look at the 50p pieces please message me or speak to me in class, I have a few from the Beatrix Potter range (sorry no Jemima puddle duck) and a few other different ones.

Money – Class fee’s for 2020

Money……It’s another one on those subjects you/I do not like to talk about.
There will be a small increase in class prices next year:
Class fee to weigh & exercise will increase to £6.50
Batch pay for 6 classes will increase to £38 (small saving)
Class fee to exercise only, will increase to £6
Fitness Pilates on a Monday night will increase to £6.50 (PC members receive a discount)
Fitness Pilates Course on Wednesday morning, no price increase.

Premier Club (PC) This is still the cheapest way to pay for you classes.

The current PC price is £29 a calendar month with many members attending more than two classes every week. The only extra payments are for the Monday & Wednesday Fitness Pilates classes. Payment is set up through your bank with NO tie in you can cancel at anytime. Remember you could have next years classes as a gift, all we do is arrange for the payment to come from the gift givers bank and again this can be cancelled at anytime.
A gift from me to you
Last week in class I was giving away Move 2 Lose pens with my mobile number and web page printed on them. Every member will be given one. If you have not got yours yet please come and see me. Lovely pens to write with.
Merry Christmas everyone, please feel free to use them to write everything down you eat and drink over Christmas lol.
Cards – No Thank you
A verbal Christmas wish will do
from you to me
and from me to you.
We now have one week left of classes and Monday 9th in the morning at Highwood’s before I close for my “family time”.
Have a good day everyone and see you all next week for a fun Christmas week.
Julie. x

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