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Julie Move 2 Lose

This is the first of two emails that will be sent this weekend. Please take time to read both of them as they are important to both myself and Move 2 Lose members.
As a family we started the year 2019 with the death of my dad’s sister, my auntie, and we have now ended the year with the death of my dad’s brother, my uncle.
Although we are all very sad, what has this year given us that we can get comfort for our bereavements.
My wonderful Dad, the head of our family celebrated his 80th birthday, and the day after my beautiful daughter her 30th.
Lula our granddaughter learns more words and experiences everyday.
My amazing mum loves her role as great granny, often found on the floor covered in stickers!
My son Christopher works hard, well when he’s not fishing lol.
And lastly my supportive husband started his own business, Vespajets/ that’s the Scooter part of my life. We work well together and although you rarely see him in class he is my rock.
When I use the words supportive and rock I bring them into my business Move 2 Lose and yourselves. We are a very supportive group and I am aware that I will not be the only one to start the year 2020 with sadness.
At the moment I am struggling with the words Happy New Year so I am sorry if I don’t say them back, therefore may the new year bring you kindness, health, food on you table and love in your heart. Thank you for your support.
Class will be CLOSED on Friday 10th January for my uncles funeral.
Julie x

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