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Sunday News

Never did any of us know that the world would be in the situation that it is in today. I have
been so overwhelmed by all your support, flowers, cards and messages and can not thank
you enough. Be warned if you see me out and about I will cry!!!
I woke up on Saturday morning not knowing if I was redundant, on a long term holiday,
retired or up the creek without a paddle lol. But all I can say is “I am not on my own” many,
many people are in the same or worse situation.
At 9.30am Saturday morning ,class start time I was out the door and took a long walk to
the Post Office and made sure that I still walked over 12000 steps. I have a list of jobs
(don’t tell Tony) a garden and a house to work on.
Poor Tony’s 50th Birthday was not as expected as he joked and said “well I made it to 50”!
I intend to keep in touch and would like those that normally weigh-in with me to continue to
do so at home at roughly the same time each week and message me your results.
I have a closed FB page that if you would like to be added to, please get in touch.
Everyone is very open and support each other in this group.
Whats APP
My mobile number is 07990975855 and I have a Move 2 Lose Whats App group, again if
you would like to be added please ring me. Can I please ask that you do NOT text before
8am or after 9pm. Remember you can MUTE the notifications coming through. (ask a 5
year old to help you with that one) This is a lovely way for you to all keep in touch with me.

Let’s address Premier Club and your monthly payments

I have never like to talk money or PC payments.
It has been said on the Whats App group that some members will continue or reduce their
monthly payments.
With Mr Johnson (referred as Boris from now on) setting time scales of around 12 weeks
and talking that schools may not re-open until after the summer holidays I do not expect
any of you to keep your PC’s in place indefinitely or at all.
I can not cancel your payments
this will be down to you
to contact your bank.

Message from magazine company

Healthy Food Guide statement – 19th March 2020
It is with great regret that Eye to Eye Media Ltd has to announce that we are
closing Healthy Food Guide Magazine.

Stay at home – do not go out!

All I can say is, stand by 2021 because life will be full of parties and postponed events.
Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are all back together washing our windows, rowing the boat.

Stay  safe girls.

Recording Video’s

There are many FREE fitness class’s on line, but I know it’s not Julie.
I am going to look into make a few recordings and hopefully will have more information
about that in the future.
Please keep well, keep safe, keep your distance but keep smiling. I made a point of saying
“good morning” to everyone I meet yesterday. I may feel sad but I intend to keep strong
and get back in class as soon as I can.

So true
It’s just a fitness class!
4 walls, a floor and a roof.
A stereo and a beat.
Trainers and lycra.
Movement to music.
It’s just a fitness class!
Things get built here –
Stronger bodies.
Fitter bodies.
Confident bodies.
Things get broken here –
…..but it’s just a fitness class!
Friendships are forged.
Community is created.
We rally together in the sad times.
We celebrate the good times.
…..but it’s just a fitness class!
We conquer our demons.
We relieve our stress.
We quiet the voices in our heads.
We feel at home here.
…..but it’s just a fitness class!
It’s the date in our diary we never miss.
It’s the time for us to be carefree.
It’s the place where we can let go.
It’s part of our lives.
It’s not just a fitness class.
We will be back. Stronger than ever. Together.
❤Sending love to all my move 2 lose members. Happy mothers mother’s day but most of
all keep safe. xxxx
Love and a HUGE virtual hug to all, from us both

Julie & Tony. xxxx

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