Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone
Hello everyone, welcome to the new members that have joined us recently.
I bumped into an ex class member on Saturday and not only were we pleased to see each other it was lovely to hear that my news letters are read by many that still receive them.

Toilet Rolls & Pasta

No I did not rush out and bulk buy- did you – enough said!
Tony and I have decided that if we go into lock down it will be DIY time, get stocked up on paint and sandpaper that’s my advice.
let’s talk
Coronavirus and Move 2 Lose.
We are all worried about ourselves and loved ones
Many of you have been asking me if you should still attend class. With the government possibly asking over 70’s to say at home this will be up to you and I fully understand and support your decision.
I will continue teaching classes for as long as I can, I am worried about my health so please remember you also put me and my business at risk if you do attend class when you are not well.
I must remind you that your PC payment is in your full control.
I hope that Move 2 Lose will be able to ride the storm. I am always very grateful for the continued support that I receive from my members, for now it’s business as usual.

Barn Dance

Thank you to everyone that supported the barn dance on Friday night.
I had been very worried during the week with the news about large gatherings that this evening would not even go ahead, but apart from a few you could not make it we had a great turn out.
The raffle was a HUGE success with all prizes being donated. I put in 9 toilet rolls as a prize and Debbie won a months free classes. Pauline won the trip to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance base.
Lindsey, Peter and myself would also like to say thank you to those that also donated cash After the band and the hall costs we made the grand total of:
£882 profit – Julie will round this up to £900
Bows ‘n’ Belles Colchester Clog group gave a wonderful display at the barn dance, thank you ladies: words from their web site.
Whether you are looking for a new hobby, or to book Bows ‘n’ Belles for your event, you’ve come to the right place. We welcome new members – whether that be dancers, or musicians.
There are currently sixteen dancers in the team, ranging from 15 – 60 years young. There are also 5 musicians.
If you would like more information please ring Sue Pratt on 01206 240682 or visit:
You contact Julie – Julie contact you
Contact me and contact you: EMERGENCY ONLY
I have a whats app page and this is another way that I can contact you all on mass, if you would like to be added to the group please contact me on:
If you want a chat about classes at anytime or have any worries give me a ring, we are all here for each other. (family move 2 lose)
01206 548049
Julie x

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