Palm Sunday = B

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Palm Sunday = B

Hello everyone.
After getting upset writing last Sunday’s newsletter, I have given myself a kick and am pleased to say I am feeling very much better….how are you?
The whats app group gave me a virtual hug – thank you. I’m now sending one from me to you today.
On Tuesday I made a little video of myself preparing dinner which you can find on FB or click the link below in purple to take you to my web page, find the new page “videos” watch this space for your first routine!
On Wednesday I phoned BBC Essex radio and spoke to Sadie who was asking about raising funds for charities. Of course I told her about the £900 for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance but I also told her a secret (not sure you can tell a secret on the radio). SNAP- read below.
On Thursday I clapped my little hands so hard for all the NHS workers, supermarket workers, care workers and as Christopher reminds me for him too. Chris works for the water company and says you can live without food but you need his water lol.
Thank you for all your messages, phone calls and cards. Don’t forget you may just get a call from me for a “how are you chat”. Stay in, keep safe.


I emptied the SNAP collection pots on March 20th (our last class) and thought we would continue on our return. With us all now realising that it will be a few weeks/months before we get back to class I gave Linda a ring.
Linda Edwards is our lovely class member that put forward SNAP Special Needs And Parents for our first charity of the year.
I am thrilled and shocked to tell you that the total raised from our first class in January to 20th March was:
£686.53 – Julie sent £700
Linda then contacted SNAP and I transferred the money over to this great charity.
Thank you to everyone that donated and purchased items for the shop.
Move 2 Lose you did it again. Or as Debbie would say well done jjf.
Words from SNAP:
Hi Linda and Julie
I am pleased to confirm that your generous £700 donation has now safely been received. Everyone at SNAP sends a huge thank you to the Move 2 Lose fitness group for choosing to support our charity and the work that we do.
Many thanks once again to everyone at the Move 2 Lose for your generous donation and support of SNAP, it is greatly appreciated, now more than ever. We send you all our warmest wishes and hope you are all staying safe and keeping well during this difficult time.

Marching through March

Do you remember Teresa who was Marching through March? Even with everything going on Teresa did it…well done Teresa and these are her words.
In memory of my mum and Dad
Last day of walking all over cancer and totally smashed it .
To everyone who supported and kindly donated and helped me raise £425 wowser A big big thank you  x
All of a sudden we can cook!
What do I mean by “all of a sudden we can cook”
It is apparent when you go out shopping that many people are now turning to cooking from scratch, and why not!
As a nutritionist I have been trying to get the message across that we should not eat ready prepared foods, that we should eat a rainbow and that we should eat less takeaways.
Now you are thinking about what you are cooking and eating even more as you prepare meals from a few ingredients and then use the “left overs” to prepare something else.
It is lovely for me to have more time to prepare and eat our evening meal at an earlier time.
Have you made any changes? are you planning your meals before you shop? are you wasting food? are you freezing extra portions?
I know many of you will be worried about putting on an extra few pounds with you being less active but I can assure you, you are not on your own. Eat sensibly.
The letter – B
This weeks letter B = Beautiful, take a moment to find – look or hear something beautiful and say it out loud. The world my not feel a beautiful place at the moment, but look around you it’s a beautiful day the birds are singing.
I finish this weeks newsletter to say not only am I thinking of you all but to spend some thoughts for those of you that have families in other parts of the world, this is so hard for all of us.
Keep safe, keep in touch
I miss you all.

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