Easter Sunday = C

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Easter Sunday = C

Hello everyone and Happy Easter.
This year will be very very different, no Julie jokes about how many hot cross buns and chocolate that you will or may be eating today. No getting together with family and friends, no trips to the beach, zoo or park. We have to stop thinking about what we can not do but to make the most of everyday in which ever way we can. and do things we can do.

We are now on letter C – read below. Each week that we are not in class I will add a letter of the alphabet.


Umm not something that I have ever been good at but I do like to see the results of all my hard work. The difference between enjoy and have to! I love my garden and really enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine and looking at the plants/weeds. (sorry Wyn)
I am sure you have been busy too and now have gardens that are looking lovely.
I have noticed that some of the supermarkets are now selling some garden products (thank goodness – as my dad’s tomatoes are not the same without tomorite”)
Fillpots garden centre are offering an online ordering and delivery service available: Tuesday to Saturday.


No my C is not for cleaning, chocolate, cakes or cheese!
Spring cleaning, I bet you have cleaned and cleaned again, think of all that exercise and movement. Have you cleared out your cupboards, and wardrobe?
No my C is not for clapping. I hope you are joining in on a Thursday evening. This week I found Tony looking for the biggest saucepan and wooden spoon, I thought he was cooking dinner but NO “it’s for the NHS clap” he said.
I am not sure who and how many NHS workers, carers, supermarket workers we have at Move 2 Lose or reading this newsletter but please look after yourselves. My clap goes to all of you “out there” working —-I thank you all.

Whats app group – contact me to join

No my C is not for crazy.
The move 2 Lose whats app group can still be a little crazy at times but I really feel the support that they are all giving each other and ME. I may not post very often but just like in class I hear and see everything.
One day they started talking “leotards” (no idea why) found this 80’s picture – did someone say FAME.
Premier Club payments
Can I remind you and will every week that I am unable to stop your payments. I thank those that have kept their payments in place at the moment either in full or have reduced the amount. they pay. BUT I 100% understand that many of you will cancel. These are very difficult times emotionally and financially.
The letter C
Careless, Careful. Two very apt words for the current time. I beg you please be careful, because I CARE about you.

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