Move 2 Lose = the letter D

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Your Sunday news = D

Hello Everyone
Sunday again, many of you are still working but for many everyday is Sunday, or is it Monday!
I have spoken to a few of you this week either by text,email a phone call and even a wave for those I see out walking/shopping. It is so lovely to keep in touch, some of you make me laugh, some make me sad and some both. It is a very strange emotional time.
Is my D for decorating, NO.
Tony and I have been busy decorating the kitchen and have the radio on most of the day playing “name that tune, artist or both” needless to say he always wins.
We spent a whole day sanding down woodwork and painting the ceiling. When we had finished not only was I covered in dust but also paint.
“Im off for a shower” to which Tony’s reply was ” you have lots of paint in your hair” didn’t want to tell him it was my grey hairs lol
How is your hair ? have you dyed it yet, have you cut it yet, have you invested in lots of hair clips and bands? Do you care?

Distance and Dance

Never have we thought so much about distance, where do you stand, who is around you, stepping forward in line. Space awareness, something that I used to say in class be “people aware” look around you, keep your own space. Talking space, put the radio and your trainers on…… warm up, pretend I am shouting at you.
Single side step x 4 single clap
Single side step x 4 double clap
Hamstring curls x 4
Repeat above a few times
Add on 4 box steps
Repeat from the beginning twice (Dawn- Norma, keep up, Corinne keep on the beat)
Add on 4 single knee lifts
“are you sparking yet”

Working from home – Schooling from home

Adler Business is a family run business based in Mersea, they can supply and deliver (same day, or next day if in stock) all your work and schooling needs or just fun stuff for kids.
Bring your art and craft projects to life with this pack of Round multi-coloured Wiggle Eyes, whether you’re decorating photo frames, creating finger puppets or adding eyes to cards. In an assortment of colours these eyes are sure to add a dash of character to your work. With their self-adhesive backing these eyes are easy to stick with no messy gluing- perfect for crafty fun with children! printer paper, fancy paper, ready mixed paint for only £1.25 or maybe you need a memory stick for all the school work. Click the link below and have a look around their web site, cant find what your looking for, pick up the phone, mention my name, or ring me and I will order it for you.
Adler Business click the link or pick up the phone and speak to Beverley or Luke.
The letter D = Discipline
My letter D this week is for Discipline.
Dictionary = the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour.
We are all adapting and making changes, we are all trying to abide by the rules.
How is you discipline at home? are you getting dressed? are you eating breakfast? are you drinking plenty of water? are you exercising? are you keeping in touch?
I could list so many “are you’s” make a discipline list for yourself.
Remember I may just give YOU a ring this week.
Have a good day

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