2.6 Challenge St Helena Hospice

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Sunday News = E

Hello everyone are you Excited about reading today’s newsletter. When the simple things become the things we look forward too!
Today’s E is not about being excited!
Today as we know should have been the London Marathon but it also should have been the pier to pier walk (and what a beautiful day)
I am sure you have heard about the 2.6 challenge- are you taking part?
Tony and I went out this morning for our normal walk and made sure we did 2.6 miles each (way more than that) and will now spent time at home “getting jobs done”
Have you taken part, if so let me know or share it on our group page or FB
We as a family had planed to take part in the Pier to Pier walk for St Helena Hospice after the sad loss of my uncle in December. I have set up a just giving page for those of you that would like to donate to St Helena Hospice, click the link below or visit my web page, thank you in advance.
No my E is not for exercise, but are you?
Any form of exercise will help. I found that my fit bit did also not like the fact that I am not teaching and I was shocked that some days I hardly did any steps at all. This has now changed, Tony and I are now in a routine of up and out the door by 8.30am walk at least 3 miles or 8000 steps. Breakfast on our return and then start the day with what ever that may bring. So are you keeping up your exercise?
No my E is not for eating. This is one thing I will never have to tell you to do!
Are you eating too much, too often, too late. Use a diary or write down sheet if you are struggling!
No my E is not for every day is the same
Is everyday the same for you NO NO NO, make plans, phone a friend, write a letter instead of an email.
Text, face time, zoom all those “tricky techno things”
Cook, clean, garden, ummm think we have all done these.
My E today is for Embrace
Your attitude toward life is affected by your ability to embrace change. If change happens to you, rather than you influencing that change, you are much more likely to feel like you are being dragged through life. Embrace change with a calm and relaxed mind.
We all have to embrace the fact that life is going to be so different for a long time.
I fear it may be a long time before we can all get together again and yes we may have to embrace some changes. With hairdresser’s closed – embrace your new hairstyle lol,
Have a good day everyone.

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