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Your Move 2 Lose news & updates

Welcome to the new members that joined this week and for those that have returned.
BREXIT – History in the making.
Cashiers table
Over the past few weeks more and more people are not only using the product table to put their belongings on but also going behind the table to store personal items.
We have recently had books/magazines and T shirts damaged with a water spill, therefore please keep this area clear for the cashier and her paperwork.
I have given them full permission to “tell you off” lol

February – where did January go?

January has now gone and on occasions I called it “wiggle January” and brought in new Salsa moves and music.
What will February be called? Fit February, Fun & Fitness? Fight or Flight?
For some January is a tough time and many find the pressure of new year resolutions a struggle. Some start the New Year with all intentions of stopping smoking, dieting, or just making a change. But then they did not stick to it and may now be feeling like they have failed.
A new day can be a new start or a new month to try again.
February is the NEW January – class members words.

Make small goals and targets

How much weight did you lose in January? If you lost something, well done, if you stayed the same well done and if you put on what or who did you blame. The left overs from Christmas should now all be gone or given away.
I have seen some fantastic weight losses this month and not only does this make you feel better it makes me feel good too.
Thank you to the girls that have gone onto the Move 2 Lose weight loss FB page where support is given to each other. If you would like to join search FB or speak to Julie in class.
A small goal or a big target, are they the same? Make a small goal for each month maybe just 2lb weight loss and increase your exercise. Make a target for a set date and then you don’t make it can be devastating and damaging.

It’s not all about weight loss

Yes I talk about weight loss but we should also be looking at the benefits of exercising.
Weight loss is a visual thing not only for you but for your friends and families. Health and well being is a different thing, you cant see it.
Exercise has been proven to help with stress and anxiety, help with sleeping, boosting your mood, improves memory and many other things.
Heart and Lungs, they just love you “getting off the sofa”
I asked a class member if I could share her story after she needed an emergency operation.
Hi Julie, please do share what I was told by the surgical team. They had to operate very quickly so lots of tests carried out with short notice.
The surgeon put her thumbs up when I said I did aerobics and her words were….”it shows”! She said I had good oxygenated blood (despite my mild asthma) good heart rate (following ECG) and healthy weight, however the emphasis was on the tests done rather than weight. The hidden benefits rather than the physical were emphasised.


Why have I been invited for breast screening? All women aged 50 to 70 are invited for breast screening every 3 years. Some older and younger women are also being invited as part of a study of screening in different age groups. If you are over 70, you are still at risk of breast cancer. Although you will no longer automatically get screening invitations after you are 70, you can still have breast screening every 3 years. You will need to ask your GP to arrange an appointment. MAKE SURE YOU DO AND THAT YOU ATTEND.
Classes next week
All classes are as normal next week – we return to Stanway School on a Tuesday night at the normal time of 6.30 exercise start at 6.45 – 7.30pm.
Would you like to win a Picnic Hamper, buy a square for a £1 to name the bear in class next week, all proceeds to SNAP.
Have a good day everyone

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