Bring your man to class week Valentines

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Bring your man to class week Valentines

Hello everyone. Today looks like it’s going to be a stay at home day. If you are planning on hanging out your washing double up on pegs or your smalls could end up next door!
Lots of birthdays this month and in March for my family and class members. It’s my sons, mother-in law’s, dads, daughters, niece and my husbands 50th, yes I have a toy boy before you say it.
What a wonderful Friday morning class at Shrub End with 3 ladies sharing the same birthday. Phyllis, Liz and Win. Win was 85 and is now currently our eldest attending member, so if any of you tell me you are too old I will sent you off to speak to Win.
Age is but a number.
Congratulations to Angela who won the picnic hamper donated by Gill. The name of the bear was Jessica. That’s another £40 in the SNAP pot, thank you to everyone that took part.

Bring your man to class week – Monday 10th – Saturday 15th

As with other years Valentines week is Bring Your Man to class week.
Let them see just how hard you work-out, can they co-ordinate their arms and legs, will they step left when I say right. Go on dig out their trainers and let’s have some Move 2 Lose fun.
Class fee will be £3 each with Move 2 Lose donating £1 to SNAP for each man that attends their first class.
All other classes are the same next week.


Thank you to everyone that has brought along toilet roll holders and yogurt pots. NO more of these please but any ribbons, large buttons and plastic milk container tops would be handy for their craft table, thank you.

Picture the scene! x2

Picture the scene. Off to the tip I go car loaded. Half the car unloaded and I slip and fall/roll almost all the way down the metal steps. Embarrassed, hurt, and more embarrassed. People gather round, I’m still on the floor (I tell you not to get up quickly) one guy is asking me am I ok, another is holding up fingers and asking me how many can I see! and as quick as anything they have unloaded my car for me. (brilliant)
The most embarrassing thing of all is driving off in a car that has MOVE 2 LOSE exercise classes written all over it.
So if you see a few bruises on my legs this week…….I’m ok.
Good job I have been exercising for years and have strong bones.
And then Saturday afternoon my car broke down on a roudabout (clutch problem) so if you do not see my car outside the venues please don’t worry I will be there.
Oh my goodness they come in 3’s, I am staying in my PJ’s……….
It is a long time since we have had weather warning’s like we are having today so please keep safe, only go out if you need too. Make it a “doing” day, cooking day or just have a relaxing day.

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