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Move 2 Lose Sunday News

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Move 2 Lose Sunday News

Hello everyone, it looks like it’s going to be another one of those days that you need to keep yourself busy as the weather outside is wet and windy.
My fall at the tip last week did two things for me, firstly it gave me very sore bruised shins. and a black hip, secondly it made me think just how lucky I was to not have done more damage or even break something.
What did I learn…….slow down, stop trying to do everything at once, take your time.
Anyone of us at any time can fall and hurt ourselves but what can we do to help.
Eat and exercise for strong bones.
Strong bones and teeth
A diet rich in calcium keeps your teeth and bones strong and can help to slow bone loss (osteoporosis) associated with getting older.
Calcium is usually associated with dairy products, but you can also get calcium by eating:
  • sardines, pilchards or tinned salmon (with bones)
  • dark green vegetables – such as kale and broccoli
  • calcium-fortified foods – such as soya products, some fruit juices and cereals
  • There is also a little bit in egg yolk and margarine. There is no vitamin D in fruits, vegetables and grains.
As vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, make sure you get outside your body gets vitamin D from the sun. Um I’m off to book a holiday!
Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are the best for your bones. Weight-bearing exercises force you to work against gravity. They include walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, playing tennis, and dancing. Resistance exercises – such as lifting weights – can also strengthen bones.

Valentines – bring your partner to class.

Not as successful as I would have liked.
Many of you said that you asked your partners, but apparently everyone was busy, a few excuses given. Can’t find my trainers, working late or just NO.
Out of all the men that did attend last week only one of them was a new man to class. Andy had never been to Move 2 Lose before and came along on Wednesday with his wife Lisa. All I could hear was Lisa saying “left” “right”, but I will say that Andy put all his effort into getting the moves right or was it left!
I offered to donate a £1 for each man that attended to SNAP, drum roll please…..Michael, Jim, Peter, Andy and another Andy = £5
I feel the real reason is it’s “your” time away from them lol

Barn Dance

Tickets are now beginning to sell, so please get your tickets in class. Friday 13th March @ £12 each.
As with other years it’s a race at the end, speak to Julie in class and remember this event is open to all your friends and family, the more the merrier.

Classes next week = Half Term

Monday 17th at Highwood’s will be a Body Conditioning class.
All other classes are the same this week.
This week is half term and you are welcome to bring along children or grandchildren to either sit at the side with books or electronic devices. Anyone aged over 10 is welcome to join in. Please note NO children will be able to join in at the Body Conditioning or Pilates classes.
Slow cooker shepherd’s pie
1 tbsp olive oil
onion finely chopped
3-4 thyme sprigs
carrots finely diced
250g lean (5%) mince lamb or beef
1 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp tomato purée
400g can lentils or white beans
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
For the topping
650g potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
250g sweet potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
2 tbsp half-fat crème fraîche
Heat the slow cooker if necessary. Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Tip the onions and thyme sprigs and fry for 2-3 mins. Then add the carrots and fry together, stirring occasionally until the vegetables start to brown. Stir in the mince and fry for 1-2 mins until no longer pink. Stir in the flour then cook for another 1-2 mins. Stir in the tomato purée and lentils and season with pepper and the Worcestershire sauce, adding a splash of water if you think the mixture is too dry. Scrape everything into the slow cooker.
Meanwhile cook both lots of potatoes in simmering water for 12-13 minutes or until they are cooked through. Drain well and then mash with the crème fraîche. Spoon this on top of the mince mixture and cook on Low for 5 hours – the mixture should be bubbling at the sides when it is ready. Crisp up the potato topping under the grill.
Have a good day

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