It’s a Boy

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Your Sunday news & updates

Welcome to the new ladies that have joined Move 2 Lose these past few weeks.
A little bit about your teacher.
I joined my very first as it was then Rosemary Conley class exactly 16 years ago this month. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and subsequently went on to have my thyroid glad removed. I lost my weight steadily and very slowly and at the same time trained to become a teacher. I then worked alongside Tracey for many years until I had the opportunity to go on my own. Move 2 Lose came about after the fall of Rosemary Conley’s business and along with my family and my partner Tony who I married in 2017 I launched my own business. I have had various health reasons to use as an excuse to put on weight but that’s all they are excuses. Yes I take medication every day, yes I eat chocolate and chips, yes I like a Gin & Tonic and yes I exercise every day! You are now part of the Move 2 Lose group and I hope together we can work on your health and fitness level. Here are some of my favourite motivation quotes:
  • Only I Can Change My Life, No One Can Do It For Me. …
  • Slow And Steady Wins The Race. …
  • Fridge Pickers wear Bigger Knickers….
  • Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You. …
  • If You Are Tired Of Starting Over, Stop Giving Up.
Next week is motivation week, get motivated……………………..

IT’S A BOY………………………..Congratulations

Many Many Congratulations to Suzy and her husband Brian on the birth of their first baby, it’s a boy, born Saturday 14th September weighing 8lb 5oz name not announced yet.
Mr & Mrs Swaris welcome to the grandparents club (watch your bank account)
My mum won the sweepstake by guessing exactly a boy and the weight, I will give her a free class lol, well done mum but I think Suzy did all the work so she can have a free class too.
Also this month Kay and Sharon became new nannies/grannies/grandmas or what ever you are called and they had boys too.
I thought becoming a mum was a wonderful experience but being a nanny is just amazing.

A pound on or a pound off?

A pound a week : 1 week 1 pound = 7 weeks half a stone off, get the idea.
Lets reverse that: pound a week on 7 weeks + half a stone heavier. I know which one I would prefer!
If only it was that easy, believe me when I tell you it’s not.
Medication, life, more medication, stress, tired, menopause, and that’s just on Mondays!

Classes Next Week

Monday all 3 classes the same, don’t forget the drop in Fitness Pilates class is held on a Monday night at Shrub End Hall 7.30 – 8.15 all welcome.
Tuesday night, we return back to Stanway School in a new room. The school is currently undergoing building work therefore we have been re positioned in the Atrium, a wonderful light area with air conditioning, a class not to be missed. Exercise 6.45 – 7.30pm
Parking will be very limited at the front of the school but the car park at the rear is in full use with easy access to the hall. I will put up some of my A boards to help you find me.

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