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What a week…

What a week….. Monday morning I woke up with a terrible throat and really struggled getting my words out but by Thursday it was almost back to normal, thank you for support.
This week we had a few new members join Move 2 Lose….welcome ladies. Every time there is a new member in class I invite you all to find and welcome that new member, next week you will not be the new member anymore.
Some members have been with Move 2 Lose weeks, others months, years and for some decades so don’t worry if it takes you a while to get used to the moves.

Getting back on the right track

Back to School and Back to you
This week we have seen the children return to school. They will have new uniform, new books, new pencils and pens, new shoes………….get the idea they have all the equipment they need for a new start.
What do you need for a new start?
Firstly attend class as often as you can. Plan your meals. Shop for the right ingredients. Portion control, use a smaller plate if you need too. Drink plenty of water. Keep your snacks to low fat and low sugar. Don’t skip meals. Don’t make excuses. Don’t throw the blame. Be strong. Set goals (realistic ones).
Packed lunches, now there’s a topic for conversation. Would you send your little ones off to school with no pack lunch? do you go off to work with no pack lunch?
Nowadays workplaces have vending machine or the Sandwich van that pulls up outside work with a huge selection of goodies to purchase. It’s too easy to say “I can’t be bothered to make something”. What happened to the good old cool bag and making your own! Pack Lunch or Slack Lunch!
If you want or need to control your habits then make your own lunch, take control of what and when you eat, you will feel better for it.
Don’t stay away from the scales………


Today see’s thousands of people run the Great North Run, well done them. But what about you? No I am not asking you to run. But honestly the more exercise you do the better you and your body will feel.
This announcement was made on the news this week. (in between Brexit) yawn……….
Older adults at risk of falls, such as people with weak legs, poor balance and some medical conditions, should do exercises to improve balance and co-ordination on at least 2 days a week.
Examples include yogatai chi, pilates and dancing.

Classes next week

Monday all 3 classes as normal
Tuesday evening’s class will be held at Shrub End hall, exercise at 6.30pm followed by Fitness Pilates 7.30pm, please note this is the last Tuesday at this hall. We will return to Stanway School the following Tuesday……..more details to follow.
Thursday – Friday and Saturday all classes as usual.
Have a lovely Sunday, see you all in class soon………..not been for a while – not sure if you should come back- what will Julie say- I should but I am embarrassed – don’t be silly, dust off your trainers and get back to Move 2 Lose.

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