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Hi everyone, I bet you have been thinking “where is Julie’s newsletter” and I know you worry about me when you don’t hear from me.

Don’t you?

Classes this week:

All classes are as normal and we are still at Shrub End Hall on Tuesday evening with a Fitness Pilates class after the aerobic class.

Back to school and back to you:

Most schools will go back some time this week and for many of you that means the end of your holidays. For some it means great they have gone back to school. For most of us it will mean leaving earlier in the morning because the roads will be full of cars!


Putting the last 2 paragraphs together- I have spent the weekend camping in Mersea with Tony, friends from the UK, Holland and Belgium with an added few hundred Lambretta’s and Vespa Scooters.
So how does that put busy roads and Holland together. Talking over a drink or 6 and after we talked Brexit off the table they asked about the traffic in Colchester and why was it so busy. I told Sara I would give her the answer on the journey back to the train station. In the car we get and travel over the strood when I said to Sara who lives in a county that has bicycle lanes on the roads let’s count how many bikes we see from here to the train station. She could not believe that we had ONLY seen 1 by the time we arrived at the station.
There we have it, more houses, more people, more cars to which Sara said “but why Julie do more of you not ride bikes” to which Julie said have you seen the state of our roads!
Back to you and Back to School, how about Back to class. I never charge a re join fee, you do not have to weigh, but what you do have to do is put yourself first. If you want to come back to class find the time to do so. Log onto my web page for an up to date list of class venues and times:
Premier Club £29
Premier club is still excellent value at £29 per calendar month for as many classes as you can attend, please speak to your cashier.
Let’s just go back to talking over Brexit and bikes it would appear I have talked too much as I am struggling with my voice or it may have been all the singing and dancing in the “silent disco”
See you soon

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