Bank Holiday

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All classes CLOSED Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday weekend, what does it mean to you?
For me I am still working, ran a class on Saturday, writing this email on Sunday. Cooking breakfast, preparing lunch, mowing the lawn, and generally cleaning the house. Tomorrow I hope will be different. It’s all about planning your days.
Bank Holidays, a day when no banks will be open, I fear one day everyday will be a bank holiday.
A weekend to get away, spend time with the family.
What ever you are doing this weekend make the most of it, as we will quickly see the end of August!

Fitness Pilates this week.

As there are no classes on Bank Holiday Monday please remember you may attend the Fitness Pilates class on Tuesday night at Shrub End Hall 7.30pm all welcome.
All classes are the same this week with Highwood’s hall open again on Thursday night with a new floor, how exciting. P
Please note NO class on Saturday 31st August.

Scales in class – yes or no?

Words from a Friday morning lady:
well it was funny really, all the ladies from the cute and cuddly corner went to be weighed and you never will guess what happened…….. pause for thought … well Julie, yes Julie, forgot the scales. well we were¬†happy for a few minutes… unfortunately she telephoned Tony and he brought them to Shrub End Centre so we weighed after class. Well I put on a pound which was not as bad as I thought it would be….xx

Julie’s words

Yes I forgot to re-load the scales back in my car after my day off on Thursday. I quickly phoned Tony and he said he would pop them into class and joked that he hoped everyone would get weighed to make it worth his while bringing them. I told the class this and a few stayed behind after class to weigh in but most “hot footed it out the door”
Question do you get weighed at class? if yes well done. If NO why? you do not have to weigh every week, but every now and again (not once a year) is a good idea to keep you on track.
Did you read the part about the “cute and cuddly corner” love it ladies!
Thank you to those that have contacted me this week with reference to your absence from class, keep well everyone and see you soon.
Must go …………………so much to do.
Julie x

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