Halloween Move 2 Lose

Halloween Move 2 Lose

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Your Sunday news & updates
Classes CLOSED Friday 9th Saturday 10th
Halloween – do you give blood?
The National Blood Service needs to collect 7,000 units of blood a day, and has mobile donation sessions, setting up in places such as church halls and community centres, as well as some permanent clinics.
But despite efforts to make it as hassle-free as possible, the number of donors aged between 17 and 34 has dropped in the past decade.
According to its survey to mark World Blood Day and the UK’s National Blood Week, there are 60,000 fewer young donors than an decade ago – 237,520 in 2011 compared with 297,539 in 2001. Come on you youngsters give blood I may need you one day. x
OMG you where all brilliant on Wednesday morning…(sad face) NO video
It was lovely to see and hear you all.
Carrie being the noisy witch, mum thought she had a voice recorder making the witchy noises – no mum that’s just Carrie on a good day!
Fitness Pilates Course
Wow what a long but informative day, I have learnt so much and pleased to say I passed my written paper. I now have to practise some of the moves in class and then submit a video to gain my full Fitness Pilates certificate. Please note this is NOT Pilates as taught by other teachers as that is months of training, this qualification is for existing teachers to be able to expand their business and members and for those not able to “put themselves” in full Pilates moves. Although saying that my stomach muscles know they have been worked today! Not too many questions please – watch this space.
Dog Grooming
Do you have a dog?
A very good friend of mine has just started her own business from home.
Sam’s Groom Room
Please call Sam on 07966706670
or pick up a business card from Julie.
Sam is based in Shrub End
Please mention Julie and Move 2 Lose.
Calendar Girls
Wednesday 24th April Southend Pavilion 2.30pm performance.
£50 ticket and coach, more details from Norma 07712250458
Jim’s gardening services has contributed another £30 for COHOC, well done Jim.
Another class member not wishing to be named has donated £25 from the private sale of a household item, thank you.
Shrub End Hall
I have been sent a letter from the chairman of Shrub End Hall and wish to share the following with you as written by him. ( I have cut it down a little)
It is with much regret that I feel the need to write to you all regarding the apparent misuse of parts of our newly decorated hall. I would ask that you make all members who use our Community Centre aware of the contents of this letter.
Since the recent completion of these works, I am extremely disappointed to have to note the following, all of which questions how much you, our customers, value the facility that we the committee work hard to provide for you in the condition that you reasonably expect.
  • Dirty marks on the walls, which appear to be toe and foot prints
  • Foot prints on heating pipes
  • Coffee stains on the wall and skirting close to the serving hatch
In light of the above may I ask that you and your members accept this letter in the manner intended and ensure that the facilities of the Community Centre are respected.
I have taken on board the contents of this letter and I know that we do not dance on the walls, stand on the heating pipes or spill our drinks at the hatch! but understand the reason behind the letter. There is a book in the hall that I will be recording anything that we find in the hall to be of “not our doing” so that the chairman is aware.
Thank you Julie.
NO Classes FRIDAY and SATURDAY all other classes are the same this week.

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