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Face Book Move 2 Lose name change.
Happy Sunday everyone……. but what time is it???
With darker night’s that will upon us we must all become aware of so many things:
Security lights working:
Lights on your cars clean and working:
Electric timers changed:
Sweep up leaves as they become slippery when wet:
Put away garden furniture:
Box up solar lights so they will work next year:
Make sure you have a few “don’t want to go shopping” meals in the freezer, make extra shepherds pies/lasagnes/soup/ stews and freeze them for cold, wet and windy days.
It is a difficult time of year to get motivated to still attend class, yes it’s dark and yes it’s going to get colder but is that your excuse to stay away?
I have LOVED the earlier class times in the morning this week and have found the day longer and was able to get more done. Please remember we change the time at Highwood’s tomorrow morning too.
All the morning classes are now an hour long and include 15 mins of stretching, please note that at the moment this is at no extra costs to yourselves. We have been able to do this by cutting down the weighing time but I would still like to see more of you motivated enough to get on the scales.
Monday morning class time change:
Monday morning class time change as from Monday 29th October.
After changing Tues/Wed and Friday morning class times, Monday morning members would like to change theirs too, although different from the rest, please read carefully.
Monday Morning at Highwoods: arrive after 10am exercise time 10.30 – 11.30
Tuesday – Wednesday and Friday at Shrub End: arrive after 9.30 exercise time 10 – 11
This will mean all the morning classes are an hour long to include an extra 15 mins of stretches.
This week in class
Monday – all 3 classes as normal
Tuesday – 2 classes as normal
Wednesday morning at Shrub End, dress up for Halloween – optional.
Thursday – 1 class as normal
Friday – Body Conditioning at Shrub End
Saturday – class as normal
Communication with you all:
Firstly thank you, as you are reading this and hopefully will write in your diary points and dates that apply to you.
However it is very obvious that many people do not read this newsletter or look at the board in class.
I also use Face Book but understand that social media is not for everyone and will agree with that myself.
I have changed my FB name to Move 2 Lose, nice and simple and easy to share, I am on Instagram as justjulesp48 and then this week Tony suggested I start a Whatsapp page.
Instead of taking my time and putting out some T&C’s I set up the page invited many of you to join, and then it all went a little silly with people not understanding why and what it was for and posting irrelevant information!
I will add the members that requested this week to be added and would like to say that this is for ME to post important information and to motivate each other, I have no problem with you talking to each other but please keep it Move 2 Lose related.
MUTE the notices if you do not want your phone constantly beeping, if you are on FB then you may not need Whatsapp as well.
Thank you Julie

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