Shrub End Hall

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Move 2 Lose back at Shrub End
Hello Everyone:
Where did the last three weeks go?
Friday was our last class at Marks Tey hall and I was very pleased and touched by how many of you made the effort to travel. For some, closer to home and for others a lot further.
Thank you for all the feed back that you gave me about the hall and timing of the class. It was apparent that although you liked the car park and the size of the halls many of you including myself found the larger hall difficult with sound.
The earlier time of the class was very much talked about and with everything taken into consideration we will return to Shrub End on Tuesday morning with a class time change.
The class time will be 9.30am arrival, tea/coffee and weigh-in,
exercise 10 – 11am 45 mins of exercise 15 mins stretching.
This timing is for Tuesday – Wednesday and Friday classes.
Please note that the stretching is for everyone and will be carried out by standing or seated, not laying down. If you wish to leave the class before the stretches please remember to park in an alternative place than the hall car park as you will not be able to get out until the class finishes.
Body Conditioning classes will continue on a Monday night as normal and you will still have the opportunity once a fortnight to attend BC at a normal class, please read the board in class because over the past few weeks it become apparent that some people still do not read this newsletter or read the board in class.
FRIDAY 2nd November will be the next morning Body Conditioning class.
We move back into Shrub End hall on Tuesday 23rd, please note for next week only the evening class will also be held there.
Hand Knitted Poppies – British Legion.
Poppies – hand knitted available in class from Friday, suggested donation of £2 each.
Well done to Linda and Jenny/Janet for all you knitting.


Wednesday 31st October at Shrub end hall, get your witches hats/masks/and let the fun begin.
Colchester Nightshelter
Hi Julie,
Thank you ever so much for your donation this morning. One of the residents have already taken a shirt and trousers to use for a job interview tomorrow!
We were really touched by the £10 donation.
Let Julie explain. Christine offered a double duvet for the night shelter but as they only have single beds I had to say sorry but no. Christine then went on to sell the duvet and gave me the money to pass onto the Night shelter. On top of that I delivered pillows, bedding, socks, shirts and trousers. Well done everyone.
Jim – Norma – Sue – money for COHOC
Dolls house – offers.
A big thank you to the members that paid £75 to Jim for his gardening jobs towards our COHOC total.
Norma gave me an envelope on Friday morning containing £200 for COHOC. Norma runs trips to London Shows and the tickets are sold at a very reasonable price but there has to be a little extra charged in case not all tickets are sold, when they are all sold Norma has some spare funds and gives this to charity. This time she has given to our COHOC, thank you so much Norma. x
Thank you to Sue for giving £20 for the dressing table mirror that was also sold and given to COHOC.
Jim sold some fishing items to my son – another £30 for COHOC.
I make that another £325 to be passed onto Julie at COHOC.
Jim was given this beautiful dolls house by a class member to make a few repairs and this is now open to offers in the region of £40.
Size 34″ high – 30″ wide – 16″ deep
Viewing if needed, no furniture inside.

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