Christmas Cards

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Christmas Cards – Stamps – Market
It was lovely to see Thelma on Monday morning at the Highwood’s class, Thelma is now 95 years old and has not been to class for a while due to her health and personal reasons but this week Thelma took part sitting on a chair with a big smile on her face. Well done Thelma.
It was also lovely to see the return of Lynn at Shrub End on Tuesday, her words:
“New Knee- New me”
And then Lily came to class on Friday looking very well and again joining in sitting on a chair, there is just no stopping these ladies. wow what a week I have had.
Next Week
Monday & Tuesday all classes as normal, Wednesday morning at Shrub End and then bye bye Julie and Move 2 Lose until the 27th December. Don’t worry you will still be hearing from me and I may just give you that gentle reminder that it will be YOU that is in control of your eating over the Christmas holidays and no one else!
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December has arrived.
December has arrived and you may have started to panic already.
What does Christmas mean to you
What gift’s do you give and to who.
Have you got a plan, made a list
The sausage and bacon you will twist.
Darker nights and no sunshine
A night on the sofa with mulled wine.
No Move 2 Lose what will I do
Box steps, grapevines, squats, one two.
Write in your diary Wed 5th, last class at shrub end
Back on the 28th for Julie an ear to bend.
Get Christmas and new year just right
Don’t let yourself down…………….. say “Yes Mrs Wright”
Colchester Christmas Market
Colchester’s Christmas market comes to town on Sunday 9th December 10am – 5pm, lots of food stalls, hot mulled wine, german sauages, cakes, christmas goodies.
High street closed on this day.
Christmas Cards
Please don’t worry if I don’t sent you a Christmas Card it’s not because I don’t like you, I’m saving the planet!
Did you know an estimated one billion Christmas cards are purchased in the UK each year and that over seven million Christmas trees are bought each festive season.
Such huge numbers mean it’s important to think about how many Christmas cards you send and what you’ll do with them once the celebrations are over. RECYCLE. M&S no longer collect Christmas cards so please recycle with you paper council collection, thank you.
Postage stamps- Christmas cards
Please collect the stamps from your Christmas cards and bring them into class in the new year as these will go to the LEPRA charity office in Colchester.
Many thanks for an amazing week, for all your lovely messages with COHOC and my Fitness Pilates result, sorry if I have not replied to you personally.
Julie x
I will be in touch …will you?


  1. C U JIMMY

    Now that you’ve told everyone that i gave you £ 19 to start the 2019 choco charity can i have my money back as you’ve raised more than you wanted and i need money for the leccy meter. It was only a loan.

    1. Julie Wright (Palmer)

      Certainly Jim you can have £19 of squats lol….

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