2019 Club

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2019 Club
I wanted to send this story out in a separate email as I have been so overwhelmed by what we at Move 2 Lose have achieved.
Class member Julie asked me to pop to her workplace at Colchester General Hospital as she had something she wanted to talk to me about. As Julie works in the charity department it was obvious what I was going to be asked, however never did I realise what would happen over the next 6 months.
Julie invited me to join the 2019 Club for businesses in Colchester to help raise funds for the cancer unit at the Hospital, the deal was that I pledged to raise £2019 by the end of March 2019, this part you all know, but then I had to take this news into class.
After making the announcement to you all and spending time at home trying to come up with ideas that could raise this amount the challenge was set. I started by asking for handbags and wow you brought in loads of them!
I can not name you all but there are some things that have stayed with me and I would like to share them:
Jim gave me £19 and told me I only had another £2000 to raise!
Michelle asked for donations instead of presents for her 50th birthday and raised £110
Norma donated £200 from her trip fund.
Jims garden jobs raised over £150
Clothing and shoe recycle collection £17
Bike sold on FB £10
Dolls house £40
Donation from the sale of a members family car £50
Donation from a class members late mum £50
Donation from a class member £100
Donation from a class members daughter £20
Donation given by the Honey lady £20
Handbags, they where put in and out of my car so many times, each Sunday I would gather 6 designer/good quality bags and you would then place your bids…..never , never did I think we would raise £650.10
Wyn then offered a bed throw that she had personally sewn a few years ago, in and out of my car again, and that raised another £234
Then there was the shop/clothing rail at Shrub end, this raised so much money with you all being so generous with not only what you brought in to be sold but what you paid for items that you took away.
Abseil down the Town Hall – Stella, Wendy and Carrie all said “yes” and their sponsorship money was added to our total.
The list goes on and on, so im sorry if I missed your donation off.
You may not have abseiled down the town hall but you may have bought a book for 10p or a puzzle for 20p, it has all helped.
Final grand total raised:
Abseil £1788.00
Move 2 Lose £2580.62
An announcement will be made in January as to our first charity for 2019.

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  1. Julie Wright (Palmer)

    Wow, Move 2 Lose is not just an exercise class, it is something very special, thank you to all my loyal members, Julie.

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