Fitness Pilates for 2019

Fitness Pilates for 2019

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I have just got home from class opened up my emails to read that I have passed my Fitness Pilates qualification.
I am so happy to end 2018 on this wonderful news.
I have enjoyed teaching Body Conditioning over the past year’s and wanted to increase my knowledge and continued professional development for my business Move 2 Lose.
I am very grateful to you all as you have been unaware that I have been practising on you over the past few months, and with my head in a book at home it is now lovely to be able to put this behind me and move forward with classes in the future.
Thank you to Corinne for filming, thank you to Nawal, Helen and Christine for your support and being filmed.
Words from the examiner:
Your teaching is very good – you covered set up and neutral spine clearly at the start – this will become more fluid the more you teach. You taught Breath very clearly and took time over this for your ladies – well done! 
Your warm up covered all criteria – you chose moves which were effective and demoed correctly. 
You have a very clear teaching voice……..
I thought you would like that last line!
I have not made any plans at the moment with setting up a FP class for 2019.
Lets get over Christmas and the New Year – then watch this space.
With this news and COHOC today, I am a very happy Julie. xx

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  1. Sue Donnelly

    Congratulations Julie
    Well done for “moving “ on with another fitness journey ????????????xx

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