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Your Sunday news & updates

Welcome to the ladies and gentlemen that have joined Move 2 Lose this week, and well done to you all, not only for walking into a room full of strangers but for taking up the challenge of learning new moves. When you see me laugh, please note I am laughing with you, not at you.

WOW – I must share this with you

Many of you will know that Tony and I both ride scooters, not the electric mobility type but vintage Vespa’s. We are both members of the Colchester DVLC scooter club and every year help to organise Mersea Island scooter rally. We are also members of the committee and the club donates to charity each year. This year I nominated our “wear it pink” charity and was thrilled to be told that £550 would be added to the amount that we raised for Breast Cancer Now. Thank you so much DVLC.

Vocal cords!!

Another tough week for Julie and her voice/vocal cords.
Vocal cord dysfunction is the abnormal closing of the vocal cords when you breathe in or out. It’s also called laryngeal dysfunction, paradoxical vocal cord movement disorder or paradoxical vocal cord motion. Like asthma, vocal cord dysfunction can be triggered by breathing in lung irritants, having an upper respiratory infection or exercising. However, unlike asthma, vocal cord dysfunction isn’t an immune system reaction.
I just think I talk too much!!


Thank you to Jenny/Janet and Linda for all you hard work knitting poppies.
This years total raised was £134.93

Your words….. thank you.

I woke up this morning feeling tired and unmotivated. I struggled to get out of bed and was later than usual, so I didn’t have enough time to ride my horse before class, like I normally do on a Friday and Wednesday. He is a new addition, and much like me, is unfit and overweight at the minute so the routine to ride is important for both of us. But thanks to Julie this morning, I left class energised and motivated, went back to the horses and had a lovely ride! Feel so much better for it! Thanks Julie and everyone in class today!

Classes next week

Highwood’s class on Thursday night will be a Body Conditioning class and will be an hour long , 6.30 -7.30pm. All welcome.
All other classes will run as normal.
Have a good day everyone,

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  1. jane

    I miss classes. So much fun. Always felt energised afterwards. Good times. Even got slimmer of the week twice in a row!

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