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Welcome to all the new members that joined us in October.It was STOP tober for many of us….me included. I am proud to say that I did not have one biscuit (kit kats do not count as a biscuit) and Sally joined me in that challenge. Jo had no wine and Vicky had no chocolate or biscuits….well done everyone.The whole point was to break a habit and I hope that you will all continue to think before you snack/drink. The first two letters of NOvember may help.
Halloween did not see Brexit but something more scary as we dressed up and stomped around, and by your comments both in class and on FB had a great time on Thursday and Friday, thank you everyone.

I brought the collection to and end on Tuesday this week for Breast Cancer Awareness by adding a huge £135.90 from the jewellery sale. The jewellery will continue to be sold with the money donated now going to our Stanway Rovers collection. Wear it pink total:In class wear it pink week. 257.29Face Book just giving page: 110.00 Sale of Jewellery 135.90Grand total sent to Breast Cancer Now wear it PINK = £503.19Thank you to everyone that took part.

It’s time to bin your bra! I sent off a large box of bra’s this week, words from the charity.Our bra recycling scheme takes your unwanted or unloved bras and through our network of bra banks raises vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research.The same bras also help to support small businesses in Africa. Together with our recycling partners, our textile recovery project prevents these bras going into landfill before giving them a new lease of life in developing countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where bras remain too expensive to produce locally.Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty whilst providing employment for people at home in the UK. For every tonne of bras collected, Against Breast Cancer receives £700 to fund our research. Thank you everyone.

All classes are as normal this week.Guy Fawkes Night celebrates the foiling of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on November 5, 1605. Class will be as normal on Tuesday night at Stanway School, exercise 6.45pmIf you are attending or having a firework party please keep safe.For our parliament today wouldn’t it be nice if they just agreed on something for once!With us now constantly being reminded that their is a general election in 39 days!!!! Vote Vote and Vote it is no good moaning if we don’t vote.
Lovely morning, get out for a walk, sweep up the leaves, clean your windows, wipe away the cobwebs and prepare Sunday lunch, and that’s just this mornings list of jobs.
Have a good day everyone, see you next week.

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