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Your Sunday news & updates

Look at the picture above again,
YES it is me, thank you to my wonderful daughter for my make up. x

Second butterfly was completed on Thursday night at Highwoods, well done Barbara who received her butterfly note pad.
Who will be the next person to receive a butterfly gift?
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What fun !!

Brilliant couple of days with Halloween music and dressing up. I was so pleased to see the men dressed up as well.
WHO was behind the mask?


Body Conditioning Monday night 7.30 – 8.15pm £5
attend the first class, stay for BC pay £8, PC members pay £3

As you know I changed the second class at Stanway School to a Body Conditioning class and it seems this was the right decision as numbers have increased week by week.
Not only do I enjoy teaching the slow stretching movements, the music and the feeling I get when the class has finished I also sleep well that night.
I asked the class a couple of weeks ago if they wanted me to continue with the classes as I only planned to run them until the end of October, the reply was a unanimous YES, here are a few of your words:

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Monday night class. Love the way it starts off slowly then turns into a kind of meditation almost at the end. The zen like music really goes well with the class. Would love to have more than one class a week though!
And the others agree!
We love it!

As I think you already know really enjoying this class so don’t stop in fact I would like another one but can’t think where you could fit it in. Not really lost any significant weight over the last six months but body shape definitely changing and I put that down to exercise ????

Watch this space for more news on this for 2018.

What you told me.

Hi Julie, as you probably guessed I have been feeling very disappointed lately because of not getting to my desired weight. With just a few pounds to go I keep up and down especially after putting on 2 lbs while being away for a few days.
So the next morning I decided to measure myself, to my amazement I had lost 8 inches from my bust, 7 inches from my waist and 8 inches from my hips. What a result! It has made me feel a lot better about my weight. I would like to thank you Julie for helping me to get rid of all those inches.

Happy November 5th Guy Fawkes
Be safe with fireworks, take care.

Have a lovely day everyone, busy busy for me.

Lovely to see more members from the past returning, so who will I see this week?

Julie x

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