Shrub End Hall Closure

Shrub End Hall Closure

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Your Sunday news & updates
Back to school and for some of you back to class and back to basics.
Welcome to the new members that have joined us recently and also to those that read this newsletter every week and have decided to return.
My door is always open for your return so please do not be shy, you may need to use my web page even more that you normally to do to find out which door will be open lol.
Are you on holiday reading this ??
Monday Schock
On Monday morning I had a very tired throat and was feeling a little under the weather but also very excited that I would be telling you all about the amazing amount of money that was raised with the handbag sale/ back to school and back to basics and of course Stella, Wendy, Carrie and Julie’s abseil But I had “the wind taken out of my sails” as they say.
I quickly opened my emails before leaving for Highwood’s to find that I had been sent an email informing me of the closure of Shrub End Hall for a refurbishment.
I had been told that this was on the cards but never expected to receive just one month’s notice!!
I kept this news to myself and as many of you could see by Tuesday was looking and sounding very worn out. I had by this time made various phone calls to try to relocate the 12 classes effected.
By Wednesday I had decided that I needed to inform the class of my troubles (and felt better after) not only the news of the hall closure but also that I was unable to store items in the back room meaning our shop will come to an end on Saturday 30th September.
YOU have all been amazing with not only your comforting words but phoning around to find other halls. (please leave that to me now)
I have now visited a couple of hall but still have more to look at before I make any decisions as to where we will go.
Tony and family members have told me that I can only do my best so it may be that not all 12 classes will be covered.
Please continue to read the board in class, read my emails but most importantly talk amongst each other as there are some members that are not on the internet and some may need a lift.
The shop closing will not effect the work that we do for the homeless so pease keep looking for blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, single bedding, mens shoes, toilet rolls, biscuits and washing powder.
I will still collect postage stamps, ink cartridges and old reading glasses.
Spinach Yes or No
Iron plays a central role in the function of red blood cells which help in transporting oxygen around the body, in energy production and DNA synthesis. Spinach is also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folate as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamin B2
Jim – Grass
Jim has been thinking about our 2019 club and this is his idea and message to you all:
For those living in the main borough of Colchester Jim is offering lawn cutting/ edge trimming for a donation to COHOC 2019 Club. Jim can be contacted on 07599190999, or speak to me in class.
Way to go Jim and thank you.


  1. Debbie Hemmings

    Well I promised you a reply from sunny Italy ????????… So sorry to hear the news about the hall closer Julie the family are right you can only do your best and I know for one that that is exactly what you are doing… Wonderdd way your voice had gone this week as I know its normally down to stress… We are all behind you what ever the outcome… Xx

  2. Julie Wright (Palmer)

    Thank you Debbie, I have spent most of the week on the phone……..enjoy your holiday. xx

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