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Your Sunday news & updates

Hello everyone. I asked the class on Saturday if they all read my emails and YES they all shouted.
I get messages from class members that are unable to attend for many reasons that also read this Sunday newsletter, thank you.
Debbie admitted that she made a cuppa and grabbed a “hobnob” to read hers and I’m sure she was only joking but Corinne said if I send it early enough she reads her’s with a bacon sandwich!
New CD’s and singing, yes please SING (have you watched the film)
“In the Navy” being the ear worm for this week…..Angie…..

£20 notes

It’s time to search the house, biscuit tins, mattresses or anywhere else you keep you notes as the new £20 will come into circulation on the 20th February. No date has been announced for the formal withdrawal of the old £20 so there is no need to panic yet.

Making changes & seeing results

19th January, we are 19 day’s into 2020, how are you? Classes have been full on and I have found muscles I didn’t know I had, all that “wiggling January” and Fitness Pilates.
I put on a few ponds over Christmas and my holiday time but now it’s back to basics. If I want to see results at the scales I have to be more organised with shopping and preparing meals. Bulk batch cooking and freezing, portion control, drink more fluids, eat a well balanced selection of fruit, veg and make every meal a “rainbow” of colours.
I have seen some very good weight losses over the past 2 weeks and hope that more of you will be motivated to pop onto the scales.
Weight loss buddy…….someone that will support you and not judge you. Someone that you can talk to and maybe ask for their support……ME.
Weight loss is a journey and better shared with someone…..ME.

Show Time

Norma has 3 tickets available for the London show “only fools & horses” on Monday 17th February @ 7.30pm cost £70 per person including coach.
The Drifters Girl – Wednesday 25th November 2.30pm matinee performance £55 per person including coach.
Please speak to Julie in class or contact Norma direct on: 07712250458
Julie & Family time
Yes I know I have just had a holiday…….
I just wanted to let you know that every now and again I will take some “family time”. You all know that I run classes 6 days a week and it is difficult for me to juggle family life around work life. When Lula says “nanny come too” there will be time’s when I say yes…..thank you for understanding.
Classes next week
All classes are the same except:
Tuesday 21st
Morning class at Shrub End Hall will be a Body Conditioning class 10 – 11am
(I have 2 mats in lost property, one is purple the other pink, please contact Julie if they belong to you, I also have a flowered pattern metal water bottle left at Stanway school)
Evening class on this day will be held at Shrub End Hall 6.30 – 7.30pm this will be a normal aerobic class.
Have a good Sunday everyone

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