Move 2 Lose = G

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Move 2 Lose = G

Hello everyone. No my G is not for garden, some are not as lucky as others to have one and for those of us that do, how lucky we are. I am sending you this news letter before the announcement that will be made this evening from Boris. I am hoping that we may get a little more freedom but at the same all be sensible, keep safe and move into changes slowly and safely.
Friday….. oh sorry Bank Holiday Friday 8th May (was it a BH)
VE day, what did you do? do you remember that day in 1945. I spoke to mum and dad from a distance of course and although they were only little they both remember that day. Dad mentioned a street party, not a problem as only one person in the street had a car! mum remembers her mum and dad dressing her in a red/white and blue dress and her dad put hoops in the petticoat, aghh if only we had some photo’s.
We have reached G already, and no my G is not for Gin, did you say Gin “yes please”

Words from Julie

On the last class at shrub end hall
It was so hard to say goodbye to you all.
A few weeks we thought, that wont be long
Then we go into lockdown – must keep strong.
Clean the house, garden and dust
Walking and exercise is a must
Before you grab crisps or another biscuit to eat
Get your trainers on – up on your feet
Exercise at home, go for a walk
Pick up the phone, a friend to talk
No cinema, theatre, shopping or fishing
Life back to normal is what we are wishing
No stereo, whistle, no whoops or claps
No hamstring curls, knee lifts or thigh slaps
I send my love and and hugs to you all
As up the walls we slowly crawl.

No my G is not for Gurkins

What kind of cucumbers are used for gherkins?
A gherkin is a type of cucumber known as either the West Indian or burr gherkin. Picked when they reach a length of 1.5 inches, burr gherkins are used to make baby gherkins. Regular-sized gherkins are made from baby cucumbers that have grown to a length of 3 inches.
Pickled cucumbers are a great source of healthy probiotic bacteria which may improve digestive health. They are low in calories and a good source of vitamin K, an essential nutrient for blood clotting.
When was the last time you ate a gherkin? Love or hate….I love them.

Rainbow Riders

Thank you so much to all of you that have ordered Move 2 Lose rainbow stickers. Many of you would have received yours this week and some of you will get them over the next few days.
Niel and Edd have been our riders this week and some of you may have seen myself and Tony.
Each sticker costs £2.50 each, order yours from Julie, pay by bacs
09-01-51 account 24063187, please use the words “Julie Wright Business Account” Santander, or leave cash by your door for the Rainbow Rider to collect.
Stay home, keep safe, help the NHS.
My G is for: Gratitude
What does Gratitude really mean?
Gratitude means thanks and appreciation. … Gratitude, which rhymes with “attitude,” comes from the Latin word gratus, which means “thankful, pleasing.” When you feel gratitude, you’re pleased by what someone did for you and also pleased by the results.
How many times have you said “thank you” to someone over the past few weeks and how many people have thanked you for something you have done. The Thursday night NHS clap say’s it all. Tuesday night we will all shine a light for our nurses. Thank you, Thank you.
Thank you for reading, and for your support.

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