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Hello everyone, we are flying through the letters of the alphabet. No my F is not for flying! it will be a while before we can do that again!

The weather has changed with much needed rain and Sue’s lovely words on the whats app group this week told us how much the garden was grateful.
Tony and I have been out walking and delivering the new Rainbow Stickers, please read Friday’s newsletter for all the details.
There seemed to be a problem with you paying via bacs to my account please use all these words: Julie Wright Business Account
The boys have now been called by me as I like to name things!!! The Rainbow Riders, they don’t know that as Tony thought it sounded camp. There is nothing camp about my Rainbow Riders. The boys have offered to cut the cost of using stamps and are very happy to deliver to your door, they are fully protected with crash helmets.
Each sticker is £2.50 but it would help me if you could tell me how many stickers you would like as some of you have very kindly given more and still only want 1 sticker.
Ring me at any time, 01206 548049 – 07990975855, it has been lovely to talk to some of you over the past few days.
No my F is not for 5 o’clock – do you remember Crackerjack?
Crackerjack. This programme was introduced every week with the phrase: “It’s Friday, it’s five to five … It’s Crackerjack!” It was originally filmed in front of an audience of children in London, and included teams of children competing in games, as well as comedy and music acts.
Every day now at 5 o’clock is the downing street announcements. Filmed in front of a live scared audience sitting at home competing in the “what will change today” game with no comedy and no music.
Family Meals
No my F is not for family meals.
I do hope those of you with little ones are using this time to teach them all about cooking and not just cakes! Use the rainbow theme and get them to find foods for the colours. What can you make with just 3 ingredients? what is the nutritional value? are they and you eating too much sugar?
Do you eat at the table? are bad meal times sneaking in? who washes up? who sets the table? these are all learning experiences.
There is a saying “every day is a school day” and although school is not as it should be there are many things that we can all learn every day.
My F is for Fear
What do or did your fear?
Some people are in fear of flying, my fear is not flying again.
Some fear for their future or for the future of others. My fear is not teaching again and the future of Move 2 Lose.
Fear for our health and others around us, I don’t need to say what my fear is on that one.
My biggest fear at the moment is putting on those extra pounds.
I will be in touch regarding a zoom coffee morning (that should be fun)
and will be in touch once I have uploaded a short exercise routine, but this will be available to all of you via my web site. And I fear this more than anything.
Have a good afternoon


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