Midnight Walk

Midnight walk

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It’s ME…… Julie
It is with great sadness that Steve Hoggarth passed away this week, you will remember the birthday cards and donations that well all sent to Steve and MND, also for the cheque that we presented to his father Terry. RIP Steve our thoughts are with your family at this sad time.
Premier Club
Thank you to all members that increased their PC payments.
Midnight Walk:
There is still time to sign up for this event. Next week in class you will see and hear me practicing to get myself “mentally prepared”.
Some of the Move 2 Lose ladies have volunteered to do a little demonstration on the night…..bit of an arm twist by me…. Sorry I could not include you all. On the night can I ask that you hand out leaflets and give the girls support with their nerves!!!!
Corinne will be there on the night and as I will be very busy and all over the place (probably in the toilet hiding) please ask her if you need any guidance or help. Corinne will lead the short walk and I hope to get down off the stage after the warm up to walk with some of you….BUT don’t wait for me…just GO and good luck. Enjoy your Donuts at the end ..your allowed. xx
Looking Forward or Back:
Weigh- in cards, do you have one? do you look at it? a big thank you to Jackie for this one. Look back on your card, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year ago, what did you weigh then and what do you weigh now?
I will say no more………………….tell me next week.
Last class at Alderman Blaxill:
YES the day has arrived:
In 1976 I arrived at Alderman Blaxill School a shy,quiet, poorly little girl 13 years old and I absolutely hated PE. I learnt a few words in German and could not sew a button !!! and now 40 years later I teach my last class at Alderman Blaxill School as a fully qualified aerobics instructor and business woman, with a little more confidence than I had back then. Sorry Heike my German in no better and I ask mum to do my sewing now! (thanks mum)
JUNE 5th Stanway School 
Both classes will keep running and I am hoping all the leaflets and FB promotions will help to promote the quiet second class.
Thank you to all those that have taken a few leaflets to deliver.
Check my web page for the NEW class times for the first class.
Pea & Ham Slow Cooker Soup:
When you get in late from class and hot and “sparkly” nothing better than having something ready to heat up. Try this soup, make your own stock buy all the ingredients pop it in the slow cooker and forget about it….
Have a good Sunday, eat sensibly, go for a walk, get out in the garden,laugh and little and see you all soon.
Julie x

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